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C6H12O6 A fermentable monosaccharide obtained from manna.



a monosaccharide of the general formula C6H12O6 (an isomer of glucose); a component of many polysaccharides and mixed biopolymers of plant, animal, and bacterial origin.

Mannose is readily soluble in water and has a sweet taste. Its melting point is 132°C Only the D-form occurs naturally. In its free form, mannose is present in many citrus fruits, as well as in fruits of the genera Anacardium and Corynocarpus. Mannose is converted in the organism with the help of its activated form, guanosine diphosphate mannose (GDPM), which serves as a mannose-radical donor in the synthesis of mannans and other biopolymers.

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These isolates also showed positive indole production, glucose aicidification, arginine dihydrolase, esculin hydrolysis, gelatin hydrolysis, 4-nitrophenyl-ssD-galactopyranoside, Glucose assimilation, arabinose assimilation, mannose assimilation, mannitol assimilation, N-acetyl- glucoseamine, maltose glucoseamine, gluconate glucoseamine, caprate glucoseamine, adipate glucoseamine, malate glucoseamine and cytochrome oxidase.
Major polysaccharides containing Mannose named Acemannan has been isolated by various researchers (Hart et al.
Abbreviations APC: Antigen presenting cells CLR: C-type lectin receptor MFI: Mean fluorescence intensity MR: Mannose receptor moDC: Monocytes-derived dendritic cells RME: Receptor mediated endocytosis.
The result of monosaccharide composition was considered by comparison to moving distance (Rf value) on TLC of standard sugars (glucose, galactose, sucrose, fructose, mannose, rhamnose, arabinose and xylose).
Total non-starch polysaccharide, total arabinose, total xylose and total mannose contents decreased by 46.
Chemically guar gum is polysaccharide, a long chain made of sugars galactose and mannose.
silicate, sodium chloride and less than 40% redwing sugar, wherein the eight catalysts are a protease, an amylase, a cellulase, a lipase, a mannose, a pectate lyase, a manganese centered catalyst, and a cobalt centered catalyst.
Mannose, an isomer of glucose, is thought to aid in the healing of certain tissues, including tendons, when directly applied to the affected area.
Chemically, guar gum is very similar to starch but instead of being composed of chains of glucose units it is made up of a backbone of mannose with some side-branches of galactose.
Summary: The aim of the present study was to radiolabel and bioevaluate the dextran cysteamine mannose (MW=22 kDa) for sentinel lymph node detection.
1996) showed that post-spawning changes occurred in oocyte envelopes due to the exocytose of vesicles similar to cortical granules, which reorganized the oocyte envelopes to form a covering (hatching envelope) which contained sugar moieties including mannose, glucose, N-acetyl-glucosamine and sialic acid (Pillai & Clark, 1990).
This is opposite to the role of another allergen reception - the mannose receptor - that has previously been identified by the Nottingham group.