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The rate at which the orientation of a craft can be changed.



the handling quality that characterizes a vessel’s ability to follow a given course. Maneuverability includes both dynamic stability of route—the ability of a vessel to follow a straight course—and turning ability—the ability to change course under the action of steering elements (usually a rudder but sometimes a rotatable nozzle on a screw propeller or a rotating-blade propeller). When a rudder is laid to an angle, a lateral force is developed that turns the vessel and shifts it laterally; the vessel moves along a path having a curvature that characterizes the vessel’s turning ability. Maneuverability depends on the shape and dimensions of the ship’s rudder and the shape of the wetted area of the vessel’s hull. Ships are sometimes fitted with an auxiliary steering device or active rudder (one equipped with a screw propeller) in order to improve maneuverability at reduced speeds.

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Iain Robertson, managing director of Peroda UK, said: "The Nippa is so easy on the pocket and manoeuvrable that we believe our involvement in the scheme will be very successful.
In theory, this plan, concentrating specialised areas at each end of the building and through the centre, leaves open office spaces manoeuvrable and able to respond to changing circumstances.
NOW RACER is a spectacular fast-moving race game featuring highly manoeuvrable streamlined space-racers powering their way round a futuristic track.
The plane he flew was an American Boston, a twin engine bomber, an ideal aircraft for such work - fastish and pretty manoeuvrable.
It was an easily manoeuvrable aircraft and very comfortable.
The result is a bike that is very manoeuvrable and almost uncatchable on a twisty country lane.
The Harley is visually impactive but not as manoeuvrable for general patrol as BMWs and Hondas.