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see rayray,
extremely flat-bodied cartilaginous marine fish, related to the shark. The pectoral fins of most rays are developed into broad, flat, winglike appendages, attached all along the sides of the head; the animal swims by rippling movements of these wings.
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a city in Ecuador, on the Pacific Ocean. Population, approximately 44,400 (1969). Manta is the principal port for the export of coffee (two-thirds of the country’s coffee export). It has a vegetable-oil extraction plant, fish canneries, and enterprises of the wood-products industry. Manta is well known for the manufacture of Panama hats.

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In previous years it was believed that there was only one species of ocean going manta ray, the giant manta (Manta birostris).
Manta rays and whale sharks feed at the surface of the ocean, making the expeditions suitable for divers and non-divers alike, including families with children eight years onwards.
5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Seven species of vulnerable sharks and manta rays have now been submitted by 35 countries for consideration for protection next year under an international treaty concerned with regulating wildlife trade.
The first time Martin ventured underwater since the incident was when he plunged into a giant tank in an aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, to meet Nandi, a rescued manta ray.
Highlights include a two-metre wide manta ray outside the National Sea Life Centre and the largest hanging basket in the world in Centenary Square.
World 1st manta ray born in captivity dies at Okinawa aquarium
Emerging from the coral, the wrasse sees a green sea turtle, a manta ray, and other marine life lined up like cars at a car wash.
They had caught a manta ray and said it was good eating.
Under his transgenic treatment, Semi is transformed into a manta ray and Miranda into a bird, while Arnie, appropriately, is a snake.
The deluxe Manta Ray Catamaran has an underwater viewing window, two Jacuzzis on deck and, on Tortuga Island, the gourmet lunch has even been featured in Gourmet magazine.
Diving services were conducted from Global's Manta Ray lifeboat.
Here, a manta ray grows from birth to adulthood, encountering and overcoming perils.