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There is an intercom at the door over which the visitor can speak to am administrator, who decides whether to open the first set of doors, which leads the visitor into a mantrap (in which the first set of doors closes but a second set of doors does not yet open, holding the person in a vestibule.
Gerard Houllier and Phil Thompson's job will be to come up with something that gives the Reds the means to unlock the defensive mantrap the Saints will set up.
See and not be seen on their own terms - aside from the publicity-mad likes of goofy Chris Evans and his bride Billie Piper, who crave notice everywhere they go - is the celebrity mantrap.
Vincent by Cynthia Vincent; Heathyr Lawrence for Mantrap W.
DSI also offers door alarms, annunciators, pushbuttons, key switches, tailgate detection, and mantrap systems.
Gunshot victim Derek McCulloch, 23, was with friend Brian Lucas, 21, when the mantrap went off.
The drag divas, including Lena Cross and Daniella Mantrap, will be on till late.
SURREY are way out of line about Third Division Elgin to beat Division Two outfit Brechin in the first round of the Scottish Challenge Cup, but their 5-2 could prove a mantrap and the visitors are the bet, writes Ian Coyne.
Mantrap was also adapted from an Elleston Trevor novel, but the screenplay, by Paul Tabori and Fisher himself, places the emphasis on character rather than plot.
But things take a more serious turn when one of the teenagers is caught in a mantrap and shot dead.
Police discovered the metal mantrap, which hadmore than eight, 10cm-long nails soldered to it, after being called to a fire at Cockburn's garage.
The new MTG-TG36 Two-Door Mantrap with Integrated Tailgate Detection System is a two-door interlocking system that allows only one person to enter a secure area on one set of credentials.