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in North African countries:

(1) Muslim saint; also, leader or founder of a religious brother-hood of the Dervish order.

(2) More broadly, a Muslim monk, member of a religious brotherhood; the same as “dervish.”

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Sheikh Sarani (left) offered to 'get rid of enemies' and Mr Marabout (right) said a special potion would 'solve all problems'
Neither the juju man nor the marabout (Koranic master) is able to satisfy his curiosity.
There are just too many repetitious elements, long passages describing the monotony of walking in the bush or sitting, waiting under mango trees for one thing or another to happen - a marabout to appear, a bus to arrive or a malarial bout to subside.
In a sense, it is paradoxical yet not surprising that the end of the road is reached when Marabout inherits part of the property and his son falls in love with Blanche, the French colonel's daughter.
Elle est pratiquee pour feter les moussems (fete des semailles, de la moisson) et pour celebrer un marabout.
He could run into a place, as may the lightly raced Marabout Directa.
Celui-ci m'introduisit aupres de ses amis, notamment des jeunes artistes dont Michel etait le chef de file et qui a son initiative, avaient forme le Groupe Sidi Kaouki, du nom du celebre Saint et de son marabout sur la plage au sud d'Essaouira.
Pour revenir a l'appellation de la localite, son origine est tiree du cimetiere (Sidi Yahia), qui est aussi le nom d'un marabout, selon les dires de certains habitants de la cite.
The Jonathan Pease-trained son of Nashwan, a 33-1 shot for the 2,000 Guineas with the Tote, will be taken on by the Mick Channon-trained Top Seed, the German maiden Marabout Directa and the Russian colt Brief Floyed.
See also Maggi Phillips, "The View from a Mosque of Words: Nuruddin Farah's Close Sesame and The Holy Qur'an," in The Marabout and the Muse: New Approaches to Islam in African Literature, ed.
Cette edition, comme ses precedentes, vivra un riche programme de manifestations spirituelles, culturelles, musicales et des exhibitions de chasse au faucon animees par les Chorfas de Lkouassem qui tiennent a feter, a leur maniere, le marabout Moulay Abdellah Amghar.
But while this result (coupled with her coming to a Supreme Peace) bodes well for her future, the last two sentences of the novel may disappoint some readers: "Ma Mere vient d'apprendre par la Mauresque et sa voisine que le Marabout m'avait epousee.