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a German nobleman ranking above a count. Margraves were originally counts appointed to govern frontier provinces, but all had become princes of the Holy Roman Empire by the 12th century



originally an official in the Carolingian empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

The office of margrave was established by Charlemagne to administer marches. The margrave enjoyed broader powers than an ordinary count—particularly permanent military authority. With the development of feudalism, margraves became semi-independent or independent rulers of entire regions; in Germany they became princes. In France, Spain, and Italy, margrave (marquess) is one of the highest titles of nobility.

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Despite Avelina's best attempts at diverting attention from herself, the margrave has taken notice.
It has long been known that Tiberius und Annabella has similarities to what can be discerned of 'The Comedy of a Duke of Ferrara', and these similarities are made clearer by the extra information now available in the Hecatonphila allusion--Tiberius und Annabella features a duke of Ferrara; a margrave; and Annabella, daughter of the margrave, who ends up marrying the duke of Ferrara's son- These four characters map closely onto the four characters now known in connection with the 'Comedy of a Duke of Ferrara', as the table shows As for its plot: in the German play, the widowed duke of Ferrara sends his son, a bachelor, to Mompelgard, to woo the daughter of the margrave on his father's behalf.
When the Emperor, after entering Augsburg, stubbornly demanded that the Lutherans cease preaching, Margrave George of Brandenburg finally declared: "Rather than deny my God and suffer the Word of God to be taken from me, I will kneel down and have my head struck off.
The Margrave never responded to Bach, (who wanted a position at Brandenburg) - indeed he may never have even heard the concertos performed.
We did it because so many people were coming up to us after Margrave and saying when are you getting around to putting out those articles because some of them are so exceedingly good," explained Sheila.
The Reformation made a weak beginning here, depending ultimately upon the initiative of the margrave, who first introduced the office of superintendent, on the Saxon model, in 1528, and who made the territory officially Lutheran by publishing a church ordinance at the end of 1532.
Bruce Margrave, buyer at Tuesday Morning, a catalog, agreed, but said that the nuetrals are not yet dead.
The income of the margrave of Brandenburg between 1533 and 1539 was 75,755 golden a year,(13) that is between 10.
He early showed his genius for organization and was recommended to the Viennese court by Margrave Ludwig of Baden, the imperial general in Hungary, to whom he had lent 100,000 gulden.
In the field of reception, Boyd dispels the myth that the Margrave of Brandenburg necessarily never used the concertos and that they were carelessly sold 'at a ridiculously low price'.
Johann Reinhard (1714-1772), the Margrave of Baden-Durlach, was also "a passionate collector of minerals," and a friend of Caroline Louise.