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a German nobleman ranking above a count. Margraves were originally counts appointed to govern frontier provinces, but all had become princes of the Holy Roman Empire by the 12th century



originally an official in the Carolingian empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

The office of margrave was established by Charlemagne to administer marches. The margrave enjoyed broader powers than an ordinary count—particularly permanent military authority. With the development of feudalism, margraves became semi-independent or independent rulers of entire regions; in Germany they became princes. In France, Spain, and Italy, margrave (marquess) is one of the highest titles of nobility.

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Mr Margrave said: "We encourage others, too, to attend as a sign of support for the event and its aim - to take time to remember, to reflect and to raise money for a fitting tribute.
But Margrave from Goole, East Yorkshire, was alive all the time.
In his book Margrave of the Marshes, serialised from yesterday, Peel wrote about his experiences with one study monitor.
When Bach visited Berlin in 1718, the Margrave of Brandenburg asked him for some of his music.
And Richard Margrave of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers said: "The trend for exam fees started in southern England and has crept up to the Midlands.
He early showed his genius for organization and was recommended to the Viennese court by Margrave Ludwig of Baden, the imperial general in Hungary, to whom he had lent 100,000 gulden.
Margrave, a chemist at the Houston Advanced Research Center in The Woodlands, Texas.
Charles Margrave Taylor, a world-renowned social philosopher from McGill University of Montreal, will appear at USD on the morning of Friday, March 20.
Labour councillor Samuel Margrave, who sits on the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council in Warwickshire, questioned the Church's General Synod over whether housing for bishops was good value for money.
Coun Sam Margrave, who represents Attleborough, says he is angry over the way the proposals are being put forward without the views of residents being taken into consideration.