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For French women thus named, use Margaret.


see daisydaisy
[O.E.,=day's eye], name for several common wildflowers of the family Asteraceae (aster family). The daisy of literature, the true daisy, is Bellis perennis, called in the United States English daisy.
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borne to heaven by angels. [Fr. Opera: Faust, Westerman, 183–185]


1. a cultivated garden plant, Chrysanthemum frutescens, whose flower heads have white or pale yellow rays around a yellow disc: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. any of various related plants with daisy-like flowers, esp C. leucanthemum
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The mother (Laure Duthilleul) gives Marguerite a small penknife and explains that this is her daughter's most precious possession, more than dolls.
La Marguerite continued in service until 1925 by which time more modern steam turbine vessels were taking over.
MARGUERITE STAGE (Mrs), Highfields Estate, Killingworth.
Contract notice: Provision of media relations for cultural events of the departmental villa marguerite yourcenar.
In many ways, the summer that the American modernists William (1887-1966) and Marguerite (1887-1968) Zorach spent in Yosemite Valley in 1920 proved to be a crucial period in terms of both the works they created there and the long-term artistic development of the artists themselves.
I, MARGUERITE CARTY of Rush Sailing Club, Link-Side, Rogerstown, Rush, County Dublin, Secretary of Rush Sailing Club, whose premises are situated at Linkside, Rogerstown, Rush, County Dublin in the Court Area and District aforesaid, hereby apply for a renewal of the Certificate of Registration of the above mentioned Club.
No, today I pay my own small tribute to Marguerite Patten - a lady who left us last week, aged 99, but who, through one recipe alone, transformed my life and made me feel like the king of the kitchen.
The general location of the work is in the medians on Marguerite Parkway between Via Florecer