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see moonmoon,
natural satellite of a planet (see satellite, natural) or dwarf planet, in particular, the single natural satellite of the earth. The Earth-Moon System

The moon is the earth's nearest neighbor in space.
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in Portugal:

Maria I. Born Dec. 17, 1734, in Lisbon; died Mar. 20, 1816, in Rio de Janeiro. In 1777, she became queen of Portugal, and in the same year, influenced by the aristocracy and clergy, she dismissed Pombal and abolished his reforms. In 1788 Maria I fell victim to a nervous disorder, and her son Juan was made ruler of the country. After the French occupation of Portugal in 1808, Maria I and other members of the royal family emigrated to Brazil.

Maria II (Maria da Gloria). Born Apr. 4, 1819, in Rio de Janeiro; died Nov. 15, 1853, in Lisbon. Queen of Portugal in 1826-28 and again from 1834. She was the daughter of the emperor of Brazil, Pedro I, who abdicated the Portuguese throne in her favor. During the minority of Maria II, Pedro’s brother, Miguel, was regent. In 1828 he seized the throne and in 1829 forced Maria II to return to Brazil. The supporters of Maria II and Pedro launched a civil war and drove Miguel from the country; in 1834, Maria was reinstated on the throne.

The reign of Maria II was marked by a struggle (that met with varying success) between the radicals, who supported the constitution of 1822, and the Chartists, who supported the constitutional charter of 1826. Her reign was also marked by popular movements (the war of Maria da Fonte).

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Maria Valenzuela clapped her hands with the rest, and John Harned, whose cold heart was not touched by the event, looked at her with curiosity.
You have seen it," said Maria Valenzuela to John Harned, as they fastened the mules to the dead bull and dragged it out.
Or one man against five bulls," said Maria Valenzuela; and we all laughed, and Luis Ceryallos laughed loudest.
You will be the envy of all the mothers in town," continued Maria, "and deservedly so.
We met him in our morning walk, sir, and Maria introduced him.
Much better, and in extremely good quarters," said George; but, turning quickly to Miss Osgood, he added, "So, Miss Maria, your beau has condescended to walk with you at last?
In doing this he would satisfy everybody - the grocer, his sister, Ruth, and even Maria, to whom he owed a month's room rent.
After several centuries it came to him, easily, without effort, that it was Maria.
That meant that Maria would not press for payment, and he resolved generously that it would be the only one he would pay; so he began searching through the cast-out heap for hers.
Miss Maria took out her handkerchief and wiped her eyes; but Miss Patty came resolutely back from the regions of sentiment to those of business.
This has been Patty's Place ever since my brother Aaron left it to me in his will, and Patty's Place it shall remain until I die and Maria dies.
Maria thought that her father was very much pleased with her, and Frederick augured the best for his little son and heir.