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see moonmoon,
natural satellite of a planet (see satellite, natural) or dwarf planet, in particular, the single natural satellite of the earth. The Earth-Moon System

The moon is the earth's nearest neighbor in space.
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in Portugal:

Maria I. Born Dec. 17, 1734, in Lisbon; died Mar. 20, 1816, in Rio de Janeiro. In 1777, she became queen of Portugal, and in the same year, influenced by the aristocracy and clergy, she dismissed Pombal and abolished his reforms. In 1788 Maria I fell victim to a nervous disorder, and her son Juan was made ruler of the country. After the French occupation of Portugal in 1808, Maria I and other members of the royal family emigrated to Brazil.

Maria II (Maria da Gloria). Born Apr. 4, 1819, in Rio de Janeiro; died Nov. 15, 1853, in Lisbon. Queen of Portugal in 1826-28 and again from 1834. She was the daughter of the emperor of Brazil, Pedro I, who abdicated the Portuguese throne in her favor. During the minority of Maria II, Pedro’s brother, Miguel, was regent. In 1828 he seized the throne and in 1829 forced Maria II to return to Brazil. The supporters of Maria II and Pedro launched a civil war and drove Miguel from the country; in 1834, Maria was reinstated on the throne.

The reign of Maria II was marked by a struggle (that met with varying success) between the radicals, who supported the constitution of 1822, and the Chartists, who supported the constitutional charter of 1826. Her reign was also marked by popular movements (the war of Maria da Fonte).

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It requires dough and a pat of butter, and a rolling-pin," said Anna Maria, considering Tom Kitten with her head on one side.
No," said Samuel Whiskers, "make it properly, Anna Maria, with breadcrumbs.
One that, I dare say, he is accustomed to," said Maria, without having even taken such a look at the sufferer as would enable her to identify his colour; "he will be well enough after he has slept.
The speaker, at the same time that she shrunk in a kind of sensitive horror from this exhibition of human infirmities, now unconsciously stopped, with an interest in the man that she could not controul, and thus compelled Maria to pause also.
Maria desired no greater pleasure than to speak of it; and Catherine immediately learnt that it had been altogether the most delightful scheme in the world, that nobody could imagine how charming it had been, and that it had been more delightful than anybody could conceive.
She is called Maria del Pilar, but she answers more willingly to the name of Jane.
But my niece there, Maria Spofford, has taken a fancy to go.
But Maria Silva read a different tale in the hollow cheeks and the burning eyes, and she noted the changes in them from day to day, by them following the ebb and flow of his fortunes.
Two great tears rolled down Polly's cheeks, and Fanny wiped them away, feeling an intense desire to go West by the next train, wither Maria Bailey with a single look, and bring Tom back as a gift to Polly.
I sat in the box with John Harned, and with Maria Valenzuela, and with Luis Cervallos.
Miss Osborne and Miss Maria Osborne, and Miss Wirt, the vestal governess, asked each other with increased wonder, "What could George find in that creature?
This was a great event, a tremendous era, in Nathaniel Pipkin's life, and it was the only one that had ever occurred to ruffle the smooth current of his quiet existence, when happening one fine afternoon, in a fit of mental abstraction, to raise his eyes from the slate on which he was devising some tremendous problem in compound addition for an offending urchin to solve, they suddenly rested on the blooming countenance of Maria Lobbs, the only daughter of old Lobbs, the great saddler over the way.