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Ngamakan for assistance in the field and to the staff of the NFA Nago Island Mariculture and Research Facility for facilitating this research.
Her lack of familiarity with current archaeological research emerges throughout the book and her claim that the existence of clam garden mariculture "overturns accepted concepts of Native food systems and economics" is a bit exaggerated.
government guarantees protection of biodiversity rights and provides provisions for in-country mariculture of organisms that contain the compound, in the event that it cannot be synthesized.
The nine-day gathering will feature symposiums and workshops on marine science including zooplankton ecology, large-scale ocean circulation and mariculture technologies.
Other industries include transit systems (cargo and light rail as examples), telecomm and mariculture.
So, Zohar, who was then at the Israeli National Center for Mariculture in Eilat, and his colleagues developed scores of synthetic GnRHs that could resist breakdown.
Researchers with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station's Shrimp Mariculture Project have recently been studying ways to alleviate some of the problems facing U.
Western Mariculture Kerapu baby Int'l (indonesia) Pry Ltd.
It is looking for staff ranging from a manager for the centre of marine resources and mariculture to a porter.
Local studies have reinforced the view that the local economy, which is based on mariculture, agriculture and horticulture, can only flourish if the natural resource base is maintained in good health.
Summary of shrimp mariculture production data at Texas A & M University, 1969-78.
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