marine engineering

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marine engineering

[mə′rēn ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
The design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of main power plants, as well as the associated auxiliary machinery and equipment, for the propulsion of ships.

Marine engineering

The engineering discipline concerned with the machinery and systems of ships and other marine vehicles and structures. Marine engineers are responsible for the design and selection of equipment and systems, for installation and commissioning, for operation, and for maintenance and repair. They must interface with naval architects, especially during design and construction.

Marine engineers are likely to have to deal with a wide range of systems, including diesel engines, gas turbines, boilers, steam turbines, heat exchangers, and pumps and compressors; electrical machinery; hydraulic machinery; refrigeration machinery; steam, water, fuel oil, lubricating oil, compressed gas, and electrical systems; equipment for automation and control; equipment for fire fighting and other forms of damage control; and systems for cargo handling. Many marine engineers become involved with structural issues, including inspection and surveying, corrosion protection, and repair.

Marine engineers are generally mechanical engineers or systems engineers who have acquired their marine orientation through professional experience, but programs leading to degrees in marine engineering are offered by colleges and universities in many countries. See Marine engine, Marine machinery, Propeller (marine craft), Ship powering, maneuvering, and seakeeping

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This new relationship with Gibbs & Cox will provide our clients with the assurance of new technology application and expert staff reach-back from one of the largest, premier naval architecture and marine engineering firms in the world.
Adam won gold in the boat building category while Ashleigh took the top spot in the marine engineering skills section of the competition.
Taylor Marine Engineering Ltd provides engineering support for the shipping industry around the world, including, repair, maintenance, servicing and specialist products.
The construction company is a unit of South Korea's Daweoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.
The construction and engineering work that will be undertaken by the Topaz Marine Engineering Division includes structural work, outfitting and equipment installation.
The delivery of al-Salmi was based on a contract signed by Bourisly and President and CEO of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co.
Cordell Group is always looking for new opportunities for expansion and this facility will play an integral part in our company's growth and the future development of marine engineering services on the River Tees.
Summary: Muscat: Renaissance subsidiary, Topaz Marine Engineering, a UAE-based full service ship building, ship repair and .
Claire Fisher, spokesperson for The Smallpeice Trust commented, “With the continuing support from Babcock and the Royal Navy, we were able to offer students an enjoyable yet challenging insight into what nuclear marine engineering actually entails.
McColl said: "We have a strategic vision to transform Ferguson into a leading marine engineering business.
Rear Admiral HabibUrRehman Qureshi was commissioned in Marine Engineering Branch of Pakistan Navy in June 1981.

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