marine pollution

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marine pollution:

see water pollutionwater pollution,
contamination of water resources by harmful wastes; see also sewerage, water supply, pollution, and environmentalism. Industrial Pollution
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Since May, fishers and salt workers affected by the marine pollution have been given 15 kilograms of rice a month.
He said the bill will help harmonize institutional arrangements concerning marine pollution and strengthen as well as complement the enforcement of existing related laws on marine pollution.
It is time the coast guard in Oman included the task of monitoring marine pollution in their charter," said the Indian coast guard officer.
It also protects the waters around the country from marine pollution from ships.
MEPs call on the EU to sign the protocol on marine pollution arising from offshore activities, thus endorsing the draft decision on accession of the European Union to the protocol for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution resulting from exploration and exploitation of the continental shelf and the seabed and its subsoil (known as the offshore protocol')(1) .
In order to specify the exact meaning and to circumscribe as exactly as possible the scope, the document sets out the meanings given to concepts such as: marine pollution, ship unloading and harmful substance.
There is no doubt that the marine safety, protection of lives in the sea, prevention of marine pollution and controlling it, achievement of maritime security and implementation of the rescue work plans are matters of noble and lofty goals and all of us strive to achieve them through mutual co-operation and co-ordination," said Director General of Public Security (DGPS) and head of PCE Staff Major General Sd bin Jassim al-Khulaifi as he welcomed the attendees.
Jonathan Pace and Albert Bergonzo, project officers at Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Center for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) and part of the European Union-funded SafeMed project
The CoR is counting on this type of strategy to achieve results in combating overfishing and marine pollution.
British experts in marine pollution recently described the possibility of a spill stemming from drilling in the Arctic as the "nightmare" scenario, with oil only evaporating and breaking down slowly and affecting the "albedo", or reflective, effect of the region which helps maintain its climate.
Although there were some concerns about marine pollution from sunken vessels during the all-out submarine warfare in World War II, the real beginning of modern marine environmental concerns can be clearly traced back to the grounding of the tanker Torrey Canyon, off the United Kingdom coast in 1967, that caused serious oil pollution damage to the British and French coasts.

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