market house

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market house, market hall

Often, a one-or two-story rectangular building where butchers, fishmongers, grocers, and peddlers sell their goods on the ground floor often open to the outdoors; sometimes arches or heavy posts support a second story that may house municipal offices.
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He delivered his errand, and said the clans were already gathering in the big hall over the market house.
The tail end of this procession was climbing the market house stairs when the twins arrived in its neighborhood; when they reached the hall, it was full of people, torches, smoke, noise, and enthusiasm.
The fireboys were never on hand so suddenly before; for there was no distance to go this time, their quarters being in the rear end of the market house, There was an engine company and a hook-and-ladder company.
Old Market House, 4th Floor, West Wing, Hamilton Street
There are markets under the Market House on Tuesdays and Saturdays - the latter is the busier with local arts and crafts.
th] boutique hotel, the Market House Hotel in Jaffa Tel Aviv, Israel.
Mr Davitt also recommended the museum should be located in Mullingar's Market House and it could include tributes to other local musicians such as Joe Dolan.
Market House, is a new build amounting to 74,146 square feet (6,888.
He said: "Recent measures have included the proposed sale of Westminster House in Birkenhead, with council staff who vacated those premises now sharing offices with NHS Wirral at nearby Old Market House, which is beneficial for partnership working and sharing office costs.
Lace Market House, 54-56 High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HW, UK
MARKET House is a home full of history and surprises.
As most of our business is in new-build social housing and housing refurbishment, we are not as affected by the current downturn in open market house sales.