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We will continue to deliver results throughout our client base and help move them into leadership positions within each of their respective marketspaces.
com will transform static, isolated supply chains into efficient, productive and profitable Web-based, digital marketspaces.
com web site will be the most comprehensive digital marketspace for petroleum products on the Internet.
The site provides a digital marketspace for the electronic buying and selling of petroleum products along the supply chain from crude to customer.
com's competitive advantage and differentiation from other industry portals is the integration of state-of-the-art front-end capabilities with Petrolsoft's industry-leading unified supply chain solutions to create a fully integrated, Web-based digital marketspace.
However, maximized profits exist only when a company can establish an on-line marketspace that is fully integrated at the back-end with the physical supply chain.
Furthermore, in addition to providing a marketspace for discounted product, FuelTrader intends to help educate the consumer on the real costs associated with the petroleum supply chain.
We are thrilled to offer our users this unique, personality-rich voice interface to access their personal financial information," said Brooks Fisher, general manager and vice president of community and marketspaces for Quicken.