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It is composed by 225 meters of thick layers of sandy marlstones and sandstones intercalations (with cross-bedding) and containing glauconite, which is the cause of the green colour of marlstones.
On the basis of the identification of bentonites, we assume that the deep-sea marlstone in the Ohesaare section correlates with the shallow-water Rumba Formation.
To the east of that region, the main part of the Oandu Stage consists of various marlstone and argillaceous limestone comprising the Hirmuse Formation (Fig.
It starts with pelagic (above CCD) nannofossil limestones, marlstones and siltstones, followed by turbiditic sand and siltstones slumped beds or debris flows (e.
A total of 30 samples, including 19 oil shale and 9 marlstone samples and 2 samples of gastropod fossil remains present in the oil shale seams, were collected from the Changshe Mountain oil shale zone.
The Ninase Member contains fragments of brachiopods and crinoids, and also some tabulate corals (favositids) in the layers of marlstone intercalating with grainstone.
The Dingqinghu Formation discussed herein mainly consists of dark mudstone, marlstone, oil shale, siltstone and shale, and contains ostracods and green algae identified in exploration wells [12].
The Pirgu Stage starts with 18 m thick red-coloured dolomitic marlstone of the Jonstorp Formation.
Oil shale waste rock (limestone, marlstone or dolostone) is produced during extraction as reject material from separation plant and material from crushing and sizing operations in aggregate production.