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see moonmoon,
natural satellite of a planet (see satellite, natural) or dwarf planet, in particular, the single natural satellite of the earth. The Earth-Moon System

The moon is the earth's nearest neighbor in space.
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A large, high-density mass concentration below a ringed mare on the surface of the moon.
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MASCON has paid a total of $1,178,323 to the New York City's Comptroller Office for the wage violations.
The most expedient and viable test of the inferred Vichada structure mascon is to explore for confirming anomalies with airborne gravity and magnetic surveys.
Shezhad of Mascon UAE was named the Man of the Match.
Saif and Shehzad remained not out for Mascon with 87 and 23 runs respectively.
In fact, Mascon Restoration even offers graffiti cleaning and graffiti-proofing services, providing protection from common acts of vandalism.
Shakoor of Mascon UAE was named the man of the match.
And Mascon Restoration offers numerous other services besides these, all designed to provide higher standards of visual appeal--and thus higher quality of living--within urban areas.
Henderson borrows the term mascon from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which uses it to identify an especially strong gravitational pull - "a massive concentration of matter below the lunar surface" (44).
Mascon will initially target the ANTs Data Server for use in its telecommunications product development practice, where ANTs' high performance and compatibility will enable Mascon to develop new, more competitive solutions.
Batting first, Mascon UAE put on 170 runs for the loss of six wickets 20 overs while Pak Emirates reached the target losing five wickets in 18.
We saved plenty of time by using PatchQuest and automating all the manual patching tasks in our enterprise," said J Balasubramanian, Network Engineer, Mascon Global Limited.
Valliyur has also held positions with Mascon and Kaveri Engineering Industries Ltd.