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(esp in brewing) a mixture of mashed malt grains and hot water, from which malt is extracted



the residue of alcoholic production by distillation of grain, potatoes, or molasses. Mash contains 92–94 percent water and 6–8 percent dry matter. It is used as fodder for animals in its fresh, dried, and ensiled states. The nutritional value of fresh mash ranges from 3.2 (potato mash) to 12.2 (corn mash) feed units and from 0.6 to 1.7 kg of digestible protein per 100 kg of feed. Dry mash has 60.2–102 food units and 12.6–14.9 kg of digestible protein. Fresh mash is generally fed in a mixture with threshed fodder; adult meat cattle get 70–80 liters (I) per head a day, younger animals 40–50 I, dairy cows no more than 30 I, and work horses 12–18 I. Chalk (30–50 g per head) is added to mash to neutralize the lactic and acetic acid. Mash is preserved by freezing, ensiling, and drying. It is ensiled in a mixture with threshed fodder and is fed to meat and dairy cows. Dried mash keeps well and transports readily. In animal rations mash can replace part of the concentrates.


(food engineering)
Mixture of grain and other ingredients fermented to produce whiskey.
Malted barley or other grain mixed with water to prepare wort for brewing operations.

mash hammer, mash

In stoneworking, a short-handled heavy hammer with two round or octagonal faces.

M ° A ° S ° H

bitter farce on bungling bureaucracy in a Korean Army hospital. [Am. Cinema and TV: Halliwell, 474–475]


medical farce on the horrors of war. [Am. Cinema and TV: Halliwell, 474]
See: Satire
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The only variation would be to add vegan butter, roasted garlic, black pepper and sea salt after your boiled potatoes are mashed and ready.
Cramer-Krasselt, meanwhile, is thinking of a second-generation campaign based on a 1960s dance craze, said creative director Christina Calvit: "At the moment, we're intrigued with someday getting people to do the Mashed Potato.
2) Chef David Thomas says, "This is not a soup kitchen," to which his slabs of beef and vat of mashed potatoes attest.
Just steer clear of the company's Garlic or Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes, which are no better than the original flavor.
The data, as they stand, indicate that additional heating beyond boiling had been applied to the mashed potatoes or that heating might have been used in making dehydrated, reconstituted mashed potatoes.
To serve, set a rosti potato cake and some mashed potatoes on a plate.
To accommodate the increasing demand for flavored mashed potatoes, Idahoan has introduced a line of three varieties: Idahoan Roasted Garlic, Butter & Herb, and Four Cheese (Cheddar, bleu, Romano and Parmesan) in convenient four-ounce, four-serving standup pouches.
Mashed potatoes are a classic - and nearly universally liked - Thanksgiving side dish.
We cook the leaves down quickly in a hot pan with a little butter and then fold through some mashed potato and serve with some sausages and onion sauce.
Easily prepared in either the microwave or a combi steamer, Super Mash is available in four tasty varieties: Super Mash with Bubble and Squeak, creamy mash with the addition of cabbage and fried onion--Super Mash with Butter and Milk, the classic, creamy mashed potato--Super Mash with Carrots and Swede, creamy mash with the addition of creamed carrots and swede--Super Mash Homemade, just like Mum used to make, fluffy mashed potato with small lumps.
All the ingredients were picked, mixed and mashed on the company's farm, said MD John McCann, adding that celebrity chef Jenny Bristow had been recruited to help develop the low-salt, low-fat product.
Gone are the days when the only way to make homemade mashed potatoes was to spend a lot of time laboring in the kitchen.