masonry block

masonry unit

A building unit fabricated of burnt clay, concrete, stone, or the like.
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The piers have suffered damage over the years, and the works required include repairs to the masonry block work including filling of voids due to material loss, the provision of new sheet pile scour protection to the East Pier, concrete repairs to the promenades, installation of flood gates at Battery Parade slipway and possibly a new footbridge to link the East Pier with the Extension Arm.
Our product line of quality materials includes ready-mix concrete, masonry block, asphalt, and sand & gravel products.
Housing contractors and builders, estate management companies, concrete and masonry block manufacturers, precast concrete producers, plumbing contractors, civil engineering companies and others related to the business will attend.
Our core businesses include: (i) construction materials (aggregate production (crushed stone and construction sand and gravel), hot mix asphalt production, ready mixed concrete production and concrete products (precast/prestressed structural concrete components and masonry block manufacturing)), (ii) heavy/highway construction (heavy construction, blacktop paving and other site preparation services) and (iii) traffic safety services and equipment.
DR Horton was originally going to use a standard masonry block wall, but due to the high cost of block fences in the Northwest, they saw RhinoRock as a much more economical option.
Constructed from brick, masonry block and reinforced concrete, and finished with drywall, drop ceilings, carpeting and lush landscaping features, the auditorium will be mainly used by the local school but is also capable of serving as an earthquake shelter for Huaytara's residents.
The works are divided into sections covering effects and assessments of the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake, seismic isolation and energy dissipation, ground motion, soil structure interaction and structural performance and individual papers address topics such as site effects analysis, evaluating steel reinforced beam-column joints, nonlinear vibrations of piles, nuclear power plant seismic evaluations and masonry block construction in the third world.
The only significant difference between the K-Brick and conventional masonry block is that the K-Bricks are designed to interlock with each other, which ensures speedy construction.
ADIOS Rodger Costa admitted GBH charge LINE Z OF FIRE PSNI officers attend their stricken colleague at Ardoyne riot last July SNARED J Costa filmed with masonry block
Judged on their appearance alone, MoMA's latest international style is defined by pitched timber roofing, masonry block and louvred windows.
Push a Rawlplug in beyond the plasterboard so it fits snugly into the masonry block or stud.
HOT DRILLING When drilling into a very hard surface like concrete or a masonry block, be sure to pull the drill out every few seconds to prevent it from overheating from the friction.