masonry joint

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repair the portal masonry (local masonry joints and repair)
Then they fixed up crumbling masonry joints on a section of the canal site.
We're thrilled to be able to offer an elastomeric silicone sealant for masonry joints that so closely matches the look of mortar in terms of texture and color
It is based on observed behavior of masonry joints and is expressed in terms of the confining stess ([sigma]) and the inelastic shear-slip ([v.
After exceeding the shear strength in masonry joints, shear cracks and shifting of the breast wall in joints arise (Fig 14).
Grinding of the old caulking material to remove it from the building masonry joints could also have contributed to the finding of soil contamination.
For example, the rusting of a steel beam, corrosion of a cast iron pipe, erosion of mortar between masonry joints and weathering of a roofing membrane all progress at a relatively uniform rate.
Fill masonry joints as recommended by waterproofing material manufacturer.