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Freud and his cohorts manufactured the lie of mass hysteria to hide what could no longer be hidden or explained with the lies which were then being used.
Coffins, Corpses and Wheelchairs': Mass Hysteria and Postcolonial Constitutions" Studies in the Humanities 39-40 (January 2014): 57-88.
Today, the mass hysteria theory is the most widely accepted explanation of the Mattoon incidents.
We can think, therefore, about mass hysteria as a situated resistance to the dispossession of the postcolonial experience, inverting Walter Benjamin's idea that the collective is also corporeal to suggest that the corporeal can also be collective.
Mass Hysteria is a learned, engaging, and lively account of the politics surrounding that experience.
It has been suggested by some in the media that we behaved like fans at a rock concert, and since a large number of Catholics practise many things forbidden by the Church, that our admiration for JP II was nothing more than the worship of a pop star or mass hysteria.
We're resisting the impulse to succumb to mass hysteria, despite the horrors of September 11th and the ongoing bacteriological attacks.
After final rehearsals with Mezzacappa in January 2002, the UNL Dance Ensemble will cap the centennial February 11 with an all-Weidman concert featuring some of his most important works, including Lynchtown, a taut study of mass hysteria inspired by a lynching Weidman said he witnessed in Omaha as a youth; Bargain Counter, a social satire on consumer frenzy; and Brahms Waltzes, a sweepingly lyrical work he choreographed as a tribute to Humphrey after her death in 1958.
There was mass hysteria, widespread confusion and unadulterated panic concerning how to meet the aggressive time frames for OBRA implementation.
Most of all, I felt that the Great British public let the side down very badly with their panic buying, regrettably repeated this week in a mass hysteria only rivalled by the Orson Welles War of the Worlds hoax in thirties USA.
Two professors from Belgium's Catholic University of Leuven also attributed last year's cola crisis to mass hysteria.
It is the mass hysteria of cost avoidance and benefit maximization.