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The meeting of individuals for sexual reproduction.



the coupling of agricultural animals, a means of natural insemination of dams by sires. Mating takes place when the female is in heat. Animals are allowed to mate for the first time when they reach sexual maturity: stallions and mares at the age of three years, bulls and cows at 15 to 18 months, rams and ewes at 12 to 18 months, and boars and sows at ten to 12 months. Animals of early-maturing breeds are mated somewhat earlier than those of late-maturing breeds.

There are several types of mating. Voluntary coupling takes place in herds in which the males and females are kept together at pasture or in pens. Selective mating takes place when males kept separately from the females are paired with certain designated females. This type of mating makes possible selection, increased breeding use of the sire, and the obtaining of offspring during specific periods of the year. In animal breeding, natural mating is replaced by artificial insemination, a more efficient method of insemination.

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Nevertheless, it is clear that loud calls announcing attempted copulations serve to provoke interference competition between nearby males and thus produce indirect consequences for mating.
The longevity of each male and each female was recorded in order to determine whether mating affected longevity of either gender.
A Japanese hermaphroditic snail stabs its partner some 3,000 times during a single mating encounter, report Koene and Satoshi Chiba of Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.
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Some reasons why different species rarely mate: They have different genes, may not understand each other's mating behavior, or have incompatible reproductive organs.
Drosophila melanogaster has served extensively as a model for courtship and mating behavior.
During the last stage of colony sexuals are produced and mating is done after mating queens went to diapause and remaining males and workers die in the colony.
25 for single mate and multiple matings and single mate and single mating respectively).
Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) studied how male Drosophila melanogaster - or fruit flies - change their mating behaviour in response to their social environment.
Since each individual is reproductively both male and female, a conflict should arise during each mating encounter (Angeloni et al.
All second presentations were made within 10 min of the termination of the initial mating.
A male mating preference for older females also characterizes Gombe chimps, comments behavioral ecologist Anne E.