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matte, mat, matt

A surface finish which is dull, with little or no gloss or sheen, and with low light reflectivity.
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6 Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats - This mat is 1/4 inch thick and 72 inches long, making it perfect for yoga.
A prayer mat for Dh1,100 will surely catch your attention next time you go shopping in Dubai.
For example, one collection of premium chamois mats is based on sacred Islamic sites like the Masjid Al Haram, Masjid Al Nabawi and Al Aqsa Mosque.
SIZE: To be effective and provide the maximum benefits of removing water from shoes, floor mats must be large enough to be stepped on at least once, with each foot, before the person steps off onto the floor.
Collegiate licensed mats of most of the top 50 sports colleges will be another line launching this fall.
GoodNites Bed Mats is a new bedwetting protection choice that offers outstanding absorption in a cloth-like mat, helping give families a better night's sleep.
Once he started to tell me about the mats, then everyone else's stories started tumbling out and led to the group.
Only after it reaches this height that it can be harvested to make these mats.
The reason might be that low- and medium-density mats have more porosity in the mat and make it relatively easy for steam to penetrate/migrate to the core and high-density mats, which have both more fibers and mass, may mainly rely on heat conduction to raise the core temperature.
Author Ian Calvert, who has collected 22,000 mats in the last 30 years, unveiled his book at John Quarmby and Sons base in Britannia Road, Milnsbridge, yesterday.
Mats of the new fibers slowly released their heparin payload for about 2 weeks.