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multinational W2 matutinal (4) Technetium mechanotherapeutic W2 catechumenist W2 (5) Tellurium multinuclear
It means he's not playing with a full deck," I answered, not thinking clearly because I hadn't yet absorbed my matutinal caffeine.
Nor could he ever forget that other, equally profound effect of bus travel on his testosterone-crazed teenage body - the matutinal jiggling on the upper deck that caused strange sensations due south of the navel, and forced him to limp painfully off the bus - Jake the Peg style - and in through the school gates.
One can only trust that the matutinal fare provided by the proprietors is of a less homicide-provocative kind -- no mutton broth -- than that borne forth from Bridget Sullivan's kitchen that bloodstained Thursday morning 108 years ago.
After clearing Fremantle we found that Rat Wilson after his matutinal inspection with Clutterbuck, Major O'Brien and Farrell and the ceremony of fixing the noon position left us to our own resources.
We sat up and listened in the matutinal dusk To the quick water-stream - lymphae loquaces - Bright talk in the dark - falling from the melt Of spring snows above: 'O tribute of wild tears
even commented on the occasional joint appearance of Venus and Mercury in the matutinal and vespertine skies: