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, matzoh, matza, matzah
a brittle very thin biscuit of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten during Passover



(Unleavened Bread) thin wafer of unleavened dough; Jews eat matzos during Passover instead of leavened bread, which is prohibited at that time.

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Dumplings prepared this way, but using flour, cannot be used during the "fast" [he uses the Russian orthodox word], but those from matzoh meal can.
As can be seen in Evenshtein's advice on enhancing the nutritional value of matzoh balls, cited earlier, the other books are equally cavalier; "Chicken in Sour Cream" appears in Evstaf'ev's book also.
Everything about Amanda aggravates him, even--or perhaps especially--her sudden bout of old worldly domesticity: chicken soup, homemade now instead of canned, with sodden matzoh balls bobbing in the fat-dappled broth, noodle puddings and pot roasts and potato latkes piling up everywhere, like unspoken accusations.
Pizza may be new, but King Kold has been around for more than 50 years as a leading distributor of kosher frozen foods, including a wide variety of hand-crafted crepes, potato and vegetable pancakes, blintzes, matzoh balls and more.
Matzoh emerges as the Ur object, the subject of Adam Rolston's huge Pop icons, Rhonda Lieberman's matzoh-meal box cum objet de luxe, Nurit Newman's bejeweled matzoh-meal crowns, and two works by Neil Goldberg, including his homage to the kings of comedy (Shecky Greene, Jack Carter, Alan King, Dick Capri, London Lee, and Freddie Roman).
Goose fat allowed them to make their own versions of many local dishes (like derma, also known as kishkas, or the dumpling-like kreplach or matzoh balls) while avoiding the use of lard (definitely not kosher) or butter, which would limit dishes (particularly desserts) to vegetarian meals.
Shalom Aloha from Hono-luya," Katz proclaims at the beginning of "It's a Michaye" before introducing his listeners to "Waikikishka," his Judaized version of the South Pacific that comes complete with "pineapple matzoh brie-ah," and a new member of his band, "Mendel Farber from Pearl Harbor," who can play Hawaiian freilachs.