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(Maksimalisty) a petit bourgeois group closely related to the anarchists. It emerged within the ranks of the Socialist Revolutionary (SR) Party in 1904 and was organizationally established as the Union of Socialist Revolutionary Maximalists at a conference in October 1906 in Åbo (Turku), Finland. M. I. Sokolov and V. V. Mazurin played prominent roles in creating the group.

Ignoring the bourgeois democratic stage of revolution, the Maximalists insisted on immediate implementation of the SR maximum program: simultaneous socialization of land, factories, and plants. The Maximalists gave the decisive role in a socialist overthrow to an “initiating minority,” a conspiratorial organization divorced from the masses. The “laboring peasantry” was considered to be the chief driving force of the overthrow. The Maximalists viewed individual terror (for example, the bombing of the dacha of P. A. Stolypin in St. Petersburg in 1906) and expropriation as the basic methods of fighting for the destruction of capitalism. By 1909 the Maximalists had become almost inactive. At a second conference in Moscow (October 1917) the Maximalists reestablished their organization and from Jan. 26 (Feb. 8), 1918, began to publish their press organ—the Maksimalist (first a newspaper and later a journal).

With the October Revolution of 1917 the Maximalists recognized Soviet power. Their representatives participated in the second through seventh All-Russian congresses of Soviets, joining the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and local Soviets. However, the Maximalists were extremely unstable in their politics: they did not recognize the dictatorship of the proletariat, denied the necessity of workers’ control and of centralization of national economic administration, and opposed the Brest peace with Germany. In the very first months of Soviet power the Maximalists took part in anti-Soviet insurrections (in Izhevsk in April 1918 and in Samara in May 1918). A split occurred among the Maximalists at their fifth conference (April 1919). Some of them openly adopted anti-Soviet positions; others, having recognized the program of the Bolsheviks, decided at the April 1920 conference to join the RCP (Bolshevik).


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That can only be thwarted if respective parties budged from their maximalist positions.
The author details the approach administrations have taken cycling between these two extremes: the maximalist Truman followed by a retrenching Eisenhower; who is then followed by maximalist Kennedy/Johnson administrations; then by a long period of retrenchment under presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter; the maximalism of Reagan; a pause in the cycle under presidents George H.
Considering its best score ever in the parliamentary elections in 2014, BDI is said to present certain maximalist positions in the course of the talks and insist on declaring the Albanian language as second official language in the whole territory of Macedonia, changing the model of electing the head of state and taking control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Defense and the Parliament Speaker's office.
Critically, Congress must also make clear that the Iranian regime will face devastating consequences if it continues to maintain a maximalist position and use negotiations with the P5+1 to stall.
Most observers who follow Iran and its internal dynamics believe that no matter how devastating the sanctions, no matter how persistent we are at the negotiating table, and no matter how credible the military option we are able to threaten, Iran will not agree to the maximalist terms that the Israeli government and some Americans advocate.
The four core trends are Boy Meets Girl (masculine tailoring in cool fabrics), Refined Rebel (biker jackets, tartan and denim), Maximalist (fur coats, metallic mesh sleeves and a wow-factor brocade dress) and on-trend accessories.
When it comes to finishing touches, plush fabrics, richly-coloured wood and an abundance of decorative accessories is all in the mix for this maximalist look.
They indulged in their opposition and have become so extremist and maximalist that they are unable today to operate within the administrative and constitutional framework," he said.
Either way, the nonmaximalist has no ontological advantage over the maximalist.
A start might be made with Turkey to see how new thinking can persuade Turkey to pull back from its maximalist positions.
The maximalist goal, meanwhile, involves "cleansing" some areas of the country, to respond to the rebels who have taken over elsewhere.

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