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the chairman and civic head of a municipal corporation in many countries



the highest official in the municipalities of the USA, Great Britain, France, and a number of other bourgeois states. As a rule, mayors are elected by the municipal government and sometimes directly by the people. In some countries they are appointed or confirmed by the central government.

The mayor represents the municipal government and presides over its sessions. In France and some other states, the mayor, as an agent of the central government, heads the municipal administration. The mayor is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the municipal budget. He appoints individuals to numerous municipal posts and directs the work of the municipal bureaucracy. Certain powers, such as the registration of civil acts, are exercised by the mayor as a representative of the central authority.

In Great Britain and in some US cities mayors basically perform the functions of representatives and chairmen. The clerks of municipal councils and municipal administrators play the most important roles in the executive branches of the municipalities of Great Britain and the USA, respectively.

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The priest addressed a hasty homily to the pair on the perils of life, on the duties they must, some day, inculcate upon their children,--throwing in, at this point, an indirect reproach to Ginevra on the absence of her parents; then, after uniting them before God, as the mayor had united them before the law, he left the now married couple.
We cannot tarry," said Sir Nigel, riding towards the town, with the mayor upon his left side; "the Prince awaits us at Bordeaux, and we may not be behind the general muster.
cried the mayor "But I cannot see, my lord, how, without a war-ship, you may venture against these men.
most worthy mayor, my old friend is a perilous man, and I rede you that you compose your difference with him on such terms as you may.
The clams and scallops shall be ready within the hour," the mayor answered.
Leaving the lusty knight and the Mayor of Lepe, Sir Nigel led the Company straight down to the water's edge, where long lines of flat lighters swiftly bore them to their vessel.
The only trader in the place was the mayor, who owned a sawmill and bought up timber at a low price to sell again.
I had to do so many things at once," he went on, "I came into collision with other people's notions, and met with violent opposition, fomented by the ignorant mayor to whose office I had succeeded, and whose influence had dwindled away as mine increased.
The official Conference delegation, which includes President Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake, Second Vice President New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Past President Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz, and CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran, will discuss the accomplishments of the last decade and how U.
The Central Election Commission said the following mayors were elected: Shadybek Bakibekov as Sulukta mayor, Habibula Halmurzaev as Kyzyl-Kiya mayor, Saidakhmat Ermatov as Batken mayor, Ryskul Kalygulov as Karakol mayor, Anarbek Kushubekov as Talas mayor, Iliaz Erkeev as Kara-Kul mayor, Rahatbek Bakalaev as Mailuu-Suu mayor, Mamidaly Kuldyshev as Tash-Kumyr mayor, Bakytbek Adylov as Jalal-Abad mayor, Khamza Saliamov as Ifana mayor, Ahmadjan Rahimov as Kara-Suu mayor, Mahamadzahid Teshebaev as Nookat mayor, Kazimzhan Saribaev as Kok-Jangak mayor.
Conference of Mayors President Seattle (WA) Mayor Greg Nickels, a delegation of U.
As Mayor, Michael is focusing his efforts on bringing economic growth to Hillsdale, which has been struggling to keep jobs in the area.