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any plant of the genus Passiflora, mostly tropical American vines having pulpy fruits. Some species are grown in greenhouses for their large, unusual flowers of various colors; those seen by early Spanish settlers were interpreted as symbolic of the
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At Maypop restaurant in New Orleans, "Sparkling wine is an easy sell," says managing partner and sommelier Jeff Gulotta.
Maypop Norah's foe's orders (I ridiculed a few) Are late, pet?
Other plants with ornamental qualities and tasty fruits include: cornelian cherry, a small tree clothed with yellow blossoms in early spring; maypop, an herbaceous vine with large, intricate, breathtaking flowers; lowbush blueberry, a ground-hugging shrub with nodding white blossoms in spring, leaves that turn crimson in autumn, and stems that remain reddish through winter.