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To deal with so delicate a thing by the method of mechanical analysis seems scarcely less than profanation, but accurate criticism can proceed in no other way.
TA Instruments is the only thermal analysis, rheology, micro-calorimetry and mechanical analysis supplier recognized worldwide for its prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service staff.
Contract notice: acquisition, delivery, installation, commissioning and training in the use of a dynamic mechanical analysis system for the benefit of the institute of reindeer physics (ipr).
Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) can provide insightful information regarding the structure and mechanical properties of a polymeric material.
In addition to nanoindentation and microindentation, Hysitron's instrument capabilities include tribology, modulus mapping, dynamic mechanical analysis, and in-situ SEM (scanning electron) and TEM (transmission electron) nanomechanical testing.
DATS founder and a former colleague--who set up ABMech, a similar company offering finite element analysis services--remained in close contact and developed their businesses as a symbiotic pairing to provide the whole spectrum of mechanical analysis and testing services.
They used x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, tensile mechanical tests (tensile strength, elongation at break and elastic modulus), dynamic mechanical analysis and differential scanning calorimetry to study film mechanical and thermal properties.
A comparative analysis of mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties of these resins was conducted using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), Thermo-Mechanical Analysis (TMA), and Thermo-gravimetric Analysis (TGA).
Our market-leading FloTHERM technology was established 25 years ago and clearly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to customers by continuing to innovate and provide solutions that they need and want, stated Roland Feldhinkel, product line director, Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division.
Among the topics are the mechanical analysis of a cement stabilized macadam base course under heavy load, a numerical study on the effect of a fire shutter and smoke curtain on smoke ventilation in a fire disaster at a subway station, a primary vertical temperature distribution model of a concrete dam during construction based on distributed optical fiber measuring temperature, combining constructed wetlands and oxidation ponds for treating wastewater in riparian wetlands of Hongze lake, and a comprehensive benefit evaluation system of different water-saving rice cultivation patterns in the seasonal-drought hilly region of southern China.
8220;We are pleased to further expand our rapidly growing reseller community with the addition of Tristar," says Erich Buergel, general manager of the Mechanical Analysis Division.
com) has acquired the Flowmaster Group, furthering the EDA company's reach into computer-aided engineering mechanical analysis.

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