mechanical keyboard

mechanical keyboard

A physical keyboard that uses an individual spring and switch for each key. Today, only premium keyboards are built with key switches; however, they were also used in the past, such as in the Model M keyboard from IBM, which used buckling spring switches. Mechanical keyboards are very much appreciated by fast typists because they have a springiness and feel that is not the same as the low-cost membrane keyboard accompanying most computers.

Types of Mechanical Switches
CHERRY key switches are commonly used today, while Alps and other types were used in the past. Buckling spring key switches cause the spring to buckle outwards rather than compress downwards, providing a unique tactile feedback. See premium keyboard and membrane keyboard.

Mechanical Key Switch
Das Keyboards use individual CHERRY MX Brown key switches like this one, which provide a tactile feedback users love. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard,

Buckling Spring Keyboard
Unicomp's keyboards use buckling spring key switches, popularized on IBM PC keyboards. Although the keys have a clicky sound, they also have a unique tactile feel that made IBM keyboards stand out.

Avant Stellar Keyboard
One of the finest keyboards ever made and lamentably discontinued, Avant Stellars were entirely programmable. They used Alps mechanical key switches.
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But a mechanical keyboard typically costs around $100 or more.
Despite the lack of mechanical switches on the G19s, the G710+ has been built specifically for that market and although it's Logitech's first mechanical keyboard they have succeeded in providing some needed innovation.
So seamlessly did he mate the two machines, the births of which were separated by an entire century of history and technology, that the mechanical keyboard, along with a vintage telegraph key, could be used to control the still-functional Mac as if they had been meant for each other.
Razer's exclusively designed PC weaponry includes an ergonomically precise Razer DeathAdder mouse, a speed-enhancing Razer Goliathus mouse mat, and a tactile-sensitive Razer BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard.
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