media server

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media server

(1) Software that makes audio and video files in the computer available on the network. For discovering files, media server software typically uses the Bonjour or UPnP protocols. For sharing files and playlists, they use DAAP or Windows Media Connect protocols. For example, iTunes uses Bonjour to discover and DAAP to share, while Windows Media Player uses UPnP and Windows Media Connect. See DAAP, UPnP, Bonjour, Windows Media Connect, Firefly, digital media hub and digital media server.

(2) Hardware that stores digital music, images and videos for a stereo or home theater. See digital media server and Windows Media Center.

(3) A computer system in a network that stores multimedia files for downloading over the Internet.

(4) A computer system in an IP telephony network that transmits dial tones, busy signals and announcements such as "the number you have called is no longer in service." The media server can be a separate unit or part of a softswitch (media gateway controller). See IP telephony.
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The backup media server moves data from virtual tapes to physical tapes over the network.
Building on the commercial success of the Convedia Media Server with VoIP service providers and application developers, this latest release encompasses new capabilities for enterprise-class media processing applications.
The RadiSys Convedia CMS-9000 Media Server delivers optimal performance and reliability, scalability, and a low total cost of ownership for media-intensive IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks and services.
Media Server is an application that enables streaming of media over a digital home network.
The SageTV Media Server is an excellent example of how Windows Home Server can serve as a 'digital hub' for home entertainment," said Steven VanRoekel, director of Windows Server Solutions at Microsoft Corp.
Home Media Server design will address the needs of digital households and offer more ways for customers to benefit from AMD LIVE
The combined company's flagship products include the CX family of media servers and the VSR1000 with built-in gateway, conferencing and voice application capabilities.
With Entier, the Blue Peach Digital Media Server solution enables consumers who are using Blue Peach to network their home entertainment devices
The new release of the SnowShore IP Media Server marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the media server concept," said Peter Vescuso, vice president, marketing, Cantata Technology, Inc.
Intel's Viiv program and AMD Live have brought a significant number of new media networked devices to market to enable local and Internet distribution from media server PCs
IP Unity is the leader in delivering carrier-grade media servers, application servers and real-time multimedia applications over IP, TDM and enterprise networks.
Cognitronics is a leading supplier of media server solutions to the telecommunications industry.