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the examination of the anterior mediastinum for the purpose of biopsy.

Mediastinoscopy is performed in the operating room under anesthesia. The instrument used in the operation, called the mediastinoscope, is a hollow tube, 15 cm long with a longitudinal slit for manipulation of accessory instruments. The mediastinoscope is introduced into the anterior mediastinum through a transverse incision over the manubrium of the sternum.

Mediastinoscopy makes it possible to examine, puncture, and take pieces of tissue or lymph nodes for histological examination. The anterior surface of the trachea, the anterior and lateral surfaces of the main bronchi, and the connective tissue and lymph nodes surrounding them are also accessible to mediastinoscopy.


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In the absence of an experienced surgeon, it is technically challenging and difficult to restage the mediastinum with mediastinoscopy in patients who had undergone a prior mediastinoscopy, as tissue planes are obliterated by fibrosis.
Can FDG-PET reduce the need for mediastinoscopy in potentially resectable nonsmall cell lung cancer?
He presented a decision analysis model demonstrating that routine mediastinoscopy isn't cost effective under these circumstances.
Most (76%) of the control patients were >50 years of age; the age and sex of the control patients reflect the patient population undergoing mediastinoscopy to obtain a tissue diagnosis for probable malignancy.
31,33) Mediastinoscopy has been the gold standard for mediastinal node staging in this setting.
The largest component of the cost savings arises from avoiding unnecessary mediastinoscopy and thoracotomy.
Given the low sensitivity and negative predictive value of transbronchial needle aspiration [TBNA] biopsy, patients with a negative result should undergo mediastinoscopy," Dominic Gallo, M.
A thoracic surgeon was consulted for fiber-optic bronchoscopy and mediastinoscopy.
EBUS-TBNA can offer ongoing cost savings by avoiding the needfor mediastinoscopy and other more expensive procedures for some patients.
The lymph nodes status is the main determinant of outcome for patients with lung cancer, but a recent Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons study, which included more than 11 000 surgically treated patients with lung cancer, reported that only 27% of patients undergoing surgery had preoperative mediastinoscopy, of whom only 47% had mediastinal nodal biopsies; moreover, a surprisingly low percentage (58%) of all surgical patients had mediastinal lymph node sampling during surgery.
This is a report of a case who underwent mediastinoscopy for a 3x4 cm coelomic pericardial cyst with an atypical location in the paratracheal area.