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Medical Schools


in the USSR, specialized secondary educational institutions that provide specialists with a secondary medical and pharmaceutical education for work in health care facilities as physicians’ assistants, midwives, sanitation assistants, laboratory assistants, nurses, pediatric nurses, dentists, dental technicians, pharmacists, technicians for the installation and repair of X-ray and medical equipment, and opticians.

Medical schools admit graduates of eight-year and secondary general educational schools. Students admitted after graduating from an eight-year school receive a complete general secondary education and take a specialized course of study. As of the 1972-73 academic year, there were 649 medical schools with a total enrollment of more than 400,000 students in the USSR. A total of 136,500 specialists graduated from Soviet medical schools in 1972.

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Each summer, the UIC medical school offers a six-week introductory term for as many as 60 newly admitted students-mostly blacks and Latinos--who lack undergraduate science degrees.
This took place in a medical school setting but the practice described is at least equally common in residency.
As one complained to Harvard Medical School Senior Dean Daniel Federman, Eisenberg was "notably silent when the other two physicians characterized naturopathic claims as baseless and dangerous.
Hunt and colleagues (1987) compared the performance of residents who had academic difficulties in medical school (considered for dismissal or probation) with that of their counterparts without such difficulties.
Other LIS programs with full-time faculty interested in medical information are limited by such factors as their small size, the absence of a research-centered doctoral program, and the inability to link conveniently to a university medical school.
Although newspaper headlines heralded the record number of medical school applicants in 1995 - more than 46,000 - there was a 1.
Scott Hughes of 419th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards AFB will enter Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire this fall.
When I started medical school, there were no out med students, but the atmosphere has changed substantially in the past seven years," says Giang Nguyen, 29, a resident in the department of family medicine at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.
The Service warned that, while a university medical school would dearly meet that definition, a hospital generally would not.
While a university medical school would clearly meet this definition, a hospital generally would not.
Hospital bosses say Coventry risks losing two great prizes - the new hospital and the medical school - if it risks planning problems and fatal delays from building in the city centre rather than at Walsgrave.
The high school obtained a cadaver from the medical school at University of California, Los Angeles.

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