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This view of the biomedical image is at odds with one of the most pervasive critiques of both medicalization and overdiagnosis--the claim, endemic throughout the medicalization literature, that medicalization serves to individualise social problems, to "locate the sources and solution of these problems increasingly on the individual level.
The study did not attempt to directly assess whether medicalization is good or bad for health and society.
medicalization, power in the clinic, illness and patient identity, clinical communication, professional teamwork, and bioethics.
1,2) Many early campaigns emphasized the adverse health consequences of the practice, an approach that has fallen out of favor in part because some advocates believe it has contributed to the medicalization of FGC.
Contract notice: Provision of assistance in the context of fides pmsi (single billing for health establishments medicalization programme of information systems).
Critical social literature has largely approached psychiatric diagnosis through the medicalization process of clinical medicine (Conrad, 1975, 1979, 1992, 2007; Conrad & Schneider, 1980; Scott, 2006; Szasz, 2007).
Moreover, the WHO condemned medicalization or the practice of FGM by health professionals in 1979, and in its interagency statement on the elimination of FGM (8).
In what is being referred to as the medicalization of female genital mutilation, doctors, nurses and other health practitioners are secretly performing the procedures at the request of families.
That the discovery of sex hormones such as estrogen led to a greater medicalization of women's health is not surprising.
This simple fact however is sometimes obscured by the over medicalization of diabetes praxis.
These theories include (1) fundamental cause, (2) medicalization, (3) social capital, (4) neighborhood disadvantage, and (5) health lifestyle theory.
Topics include social class, gender, psychosocial factors, neoliberal globalization and health inequalities, medicalization, embodiment, emotions, practitioner-client relationships, the medical model, lay knowledge, bioethics, surveillance and health promotion, complementary and alternative medicine, emotional labor, privatization, consumerism, malpractice and more.

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