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see sweet cloversweet clover
or melilot
, Eurasian and North African leguminous herbs of the genus Melilotus of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). Sweet clovers, now widely naturalized in North America, are used as forage, cover, and soiling crops.
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The dew is shed in beauty, and roses bloom and tender chervil and flowery melilot.
A analise filogenetica das sequencias obtidas com as depositadas no banco de dados do GenBank revelou que os isolados UFRGS Ms195, Ms2012, Ms515, Ms58 e Ms210 foram identificados como pertencentes a especie Sinorhizobium melilot e os isolados UFRGS Ms72, Ms75 e UFRGS Ms55 foram identificados como pertencentes ao genero Rhizobium (Figura 1).
Physiological and morphological aspects of interactions between Rhizobium melilot and alfafa (Medicago sativa) in association with Azospirillum brasiliense.