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He appreciated the beautiful way in in which Abida Parveen has melodiously brought Sufi lyrics to life, and said that she has distinguished herself as an iconic music maestro of modern times through her unique style and genre of music.
These were all writing at the same time: the sturdy, Lutheran Bach; the melodiously Italianate Handel, preceded by the meltingly expressive Purcell, whose style is so close to this French contemporary.
We experience rhythm and flow in our daily movements, we speak rhythmically and melodiously, and we feel harmonic tension and release in our gut.
In the setting, the Hebrew letters are amply melodiously ornamented, the subsequent verses, in the form of dramatic recitatives, invite contemplation, which is broken by the urgent final call.
Apollo Rising" channels Freddy Mercury, one of Apollo's all-time favorite musicians; while "Through the Night" reveals a somber side, as the singer melodiously journeys through the chambers a broken heart and ends up with a newfound resilience to the tribulations of life.
Wazir Ahmed Wazir melodiously recited Ghalib's ghazal which will be discussed in June Symposium.
Mild is the mirk and monotonous music of memory, melodiously mute as it may be, While the hope in the heart of a hero is bruised by the breach of men's rapiers, resigned to the rod; Made meek as a mother whose bosom-beats bound with the bliss-bringing bulk of a balm-breathing baby, As they grope through the graveyard of creeds, under skies growing green at a groan for the grimness of God.
Most noteworthy however is the melodiously ardent closing track, Keep the Car Running, which calls on the band's bluecollared roots back in Buffalo, New York, where founding members John Rzeznik and Robby Takac hail from.
The melodiously colorful sky of Bali serves as the perfect backdrop to this extraordinary project.
The day starts off quietly and melodiously as I saunter into the office, everything strumming along nicely at first, lulling you into a false sense of security: "Today should be an easy day," I think to myself.
Athanasios KALLIDOPOULOS), as well as the ambassadors of the candidate member states, accompanied by the remarkable balanced and melodiously dry, white 2010 vintage Zelen from the Vipava Valley, attentively listened to the report of Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec on the subject The Future of the EU and the Slovene Foreign Policy.
Abroad, however, continued to repeat melodiously in a low but audible voice, "Oh Iraqi lady, how many children do you have?