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The exhibition will see participation from key segments like Eda Software/Developers, Circuit/Pcb Designer, Product Design/Development, Pcb raw materials manufacturers/supplier, Pcb Manufacturer, Stencil Manufacturers, Testing Equipments, Electronic Components manufacturers/suppliers, Ems Providers, Contract manufacturers, Quality inspection equipments, Electronic product manufacturers, Electrostatic Devices, Solar cells, Modules, Panels, Membrane keyboard manufacturers etc…
A membrane keyboard makes the units easy to operate.
It is completely electric, requiring no air supply, and features an embedded controller with software, an integral membrane keyboard, and an LCD screen.
It should be in its box and have the styrofoam protection, ZX81 clamshell plastic case, membrane keyboard, sockets and bags of components.
Outside, options include a sunlight readable display, touch screen, waterproof membrane keyboard, TPM 1.
Also available is a compact, membrane keyboard mounted into the screen, providing instant access to 25 of the most commonly used keys at 30% of the price of a full industrial keyboard.
It has a membrane keyboard with extra-large keys so operators can use it while wearing heavy gloves.
The Win-Mini is a membrane keyboard in which the spacebar is in the middle, surrounded by vowels, then consonants, then numbers (this layout can be changed).
Also available are non-tactile thin membrane keyboard assemblies that use screen printed silver polymer conductors on thin polyester sheets laminated with switch spacers and mounting adhesive and conductive rubber keyboard assemblies.
Human-machine interface is provided by a resistive touchscreen, an integral full-function membrane keyboard, and F1-F12 keys.
The CD-Maker features a front panel membrane keyboard with one-key mnemonic input of all commands, such as "Burn a New CD," "CD to CD Copy," "Import CD Image," and several other functions.
Can the program be operated with a limited number of keys or an adaptive device such as a membrane keyboard, joystick, mouse or scanning device?

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