membrane roofing

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In built-up roofing, a weather-resistant (flexible or semiflexible) covering consisting of alternate layers of felt and bitumen; fabricated in a continuous covering and surfaced with aggregate or asphaltic material.
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specializes in the installation of environmentally-friendly, single-ply membrane roofing systems for commercial and industrial facilities.
From exterior panels made of recycled aluminum, energy-saving glass, a water cistern to capture and conserve water, to a recycling car wash, green wall and special membrane roofing system, the majority of the 56,123 square- foot dealership's construction elements were designed to conserve energy and water and incorporate recycled materials.
manufactures high performance industrial products including membrane roofing, fiberglass fabrics, and urethane products; unfinished woven fabrics and yarn for the apparel markets; and drapery, upholstery fabrics and yarn for home fashion markets.
The canopy would be 15 feet 8 inches wide and extend approximately 67 feet along the gangway and would be constructed of membrane roofing supported by steel decking over the existing gangway frame.
headquartered in Carlisle, has been manufacturing single-ply membrane roofing systems for more than 40 years.
Imperial is a leader in contact cement technology and possesses expertise in several industrial markets, including wood and high-pressure laminate bonding, foam combining and membrane roofing adhesion.
This project would replace the failing roofing with a new continuous membrane roofing such as EPDM.
Grace Ice & Water Shield(R) is a membrane roofing underlayment considered by roofing contractors to be the most effective underlayment on the market," Shapiro says.
Tenders are invited for New Membrane Roofing System and HVAC Replacement at the Clackamas County Jail Facility
Hanna Company (NYSE: MAH; CHX), an international specialty chemicals company, has reached a preliminary agreement to sell its elastomeric membrane roofing material business to Firestone Building Products Company, a division of Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
Project will include concrete work, steel frame and joists, masonry, metal stud, gypsum drywall, aluminum storefront, single ply membrane roofing, interior finishes, and mechanical and electrical work commensurate with the project size.

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