memorial stone

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memorial stone, memorial tablet

A stone or tablet set up, or placed on or in a wall, to commemorate some person or event.
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As reported in the Examiner, grieving relatives had been left devastated after a string of thefts of flowers and trinkets from memorial stones at the crematorium in Fixby.
The Memorial Stone commemorates the men from Kings Heath who fought in WW2.
The memorial stone has been organised by family friend Liz Chambers.
To honor his running accomplishments, a proposal recently went to the Alderville Community Trust to establish a memorial stone near his gravesite.
It is to note that the earlier car accident memorial stone was first erected in 1925 by the League of Nations until such time that Ain Saade municipal council decided to rehabilitate it amid a small esplanade in honor of all those who died in traffic accidents.
The unveiling of the memorial stone follows research in three countries over a period of several years u the UAE, the UK and Peru, where Sergeant Donnelly was born.
Mary's held a special service to dedicate a proper memorial stone (where they are buried) to: Benedict Arnold, Margaret Shippen Arnold and Sophia Matilda Phipps.
Alongside the double-gated entrance to the Mandown gallops, Kennedy passes the memorial stone and tree dedicated to his brother Vivian, who was killed in a fall at Huntingdon 15 years ago.
Harold Amos, a life member of DAV Chapter 20, Des Moines, Iowa, attends the unveiling of the "110 Kilometer Markeri" memorial stone he donated to honor the memory of his fellow service members who suffered the Bataan Death March and Japanese prison camp.
Chiang Hung-chi made a flower offering at a memorial stone built near the crash site by the families of victims of the crash April 26, 1994.
The final image in the exhibition raised the stakes of this critique: Memorial Stone Barracks 30 presented a simple numerical marker commemorating the original site of one of the camp barracks, structures that were destroyed during the transformation of Dachau into a memorial site.

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