memorial tablet

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memorial stone, memorial tablet

A stone or tablet set up, or placed on or in a wall, to commemorate some person or event.
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For a charge of pounds 120, Sekise will add a sealed capsule containing a DNA sample to the ihai-the lacquered wood Buddhist memorial tablet.
Tim Jeal, the author of the acclaimed Swimming with my Father and biographer of Livingstone and Baden-Powell brought to my attention the deliberations of the Flintshire education committee in 1938 about whether it would be justified in paying pounds 10 for a memorial tablet to Stanley in Brynford Church School; it was deferred,pending further deliberation at a later date
A MEMORIAL TABLET to those men who were killed in Malaya serving the Worcestershire Regiment will be unveiled and dedicated at the ATR.
His Masonic character was intimately tied to his business practice and summed up in a memorial tablet surmounting the Wanamaker department store (now Lord and Taylor), Philadelphia, on the celebration of its Completion Day in 1910.
A ceremony was held Monday morning to mark the transfer of a memorial tablet which signifies the spirit of the late Empress Dowager Nagako to a shrine in the Imperial Palace dedicated to the imperial ancestors, the Imperial Household Agency said.
On a wall memorial tablet inside St Andrew's Church, is recorded the fact that she walked to London as a teenager just after the Great Fire in 1666, married her third husband Joseph Yates when she was over 90.
Which Welsh musical star's memorial tablet contains the following fulsome praise?
According to the large, brass memorial tablet in Town Hall, the DeWitts' "residual bequest from their mutual fortune discharged the large war debt of the town, in grateful acknowledgement of which, the people have caused this memorial tablet to be erected to their memory.
There is a memorial tablet in the graveyard of St Cuthbert's Church.
Yesterday afternoon, school children were allowed to sit and read under a small circle of trees opposite a stone memorial tablet inscribed ``James's Garden: A Place of Peace and Beauty.
Mary's Hall, pausing before the memorial tablet which bore the name of one of my two brothers who died in the Second World War.
Although the actual site of her grave is unknown, her family cemetery seemed an appropriate place for this sturdy memorial tablet that was erected in 1974 to honor young Emily, who undertook a courier mission no man dared to attempt.

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