memory chip

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memory chip

[′mem·rē ‚chip]
(computer science)

memory chip

(1) An integrated circuit that holds programs and data permanently. See storage chip and flash memory.

(2) An integrated circuit that holds programs and data temporarily. RAM chips are the computer's temporary workspace. Contrast with storage chip. See storage vs. memory, memory module, dynamic RAM, static RAM and memory types.

A Wafer Full of RAM Chips
The wafer is the structure all chips are fabricated on. Each rectangle on this wafer is a RAM chip, which is cut out and placed into an individual housing. (Image courtesy of Motorola, Inc.)

RAM Chips
The 30 rectangles (enlarged at top) comprise a 4-gigabit RAM chip made by the Dataram Corporation. The chip is cut out of the wafer and placed into a BGA package. The wedding band is shown for size comparison.

Core Memory in the Mid-1960s
The young lady is stringing magnetic cores by hand for a Univac 494 computer. There is a thousand times more RAM in the average smartphone than in all the core memory in this picture. (Image courtesy of Hagley Museum and Library.)

Twelve Magnetic Cores
This shows 12 magnetic cores from the Whirlwind computer in the early 1950s. Each core held one bit. (Image courtesy of The MITRE Corporation Archives.)
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Samsung Electronics shares have risen about 13 percent from early March on an improved outlook for the memory chip market, putting to rest concerns that the recent boom might end, analysts said.
The 3-D NAND memory chips are being growingly deployed by the smartphone manufacturers.
SEOUL: Apple has reduced its orders for memory chips for its new iPhone from its main supplier and competitor Samsung, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said yesterday.
After piling up losses of $10 billion over four years and averting bankruptcy through a creditor-led bailout, Hynix has sold assets to focus on making computer memory chips, a global market that researcher Gartner Inc.
To address the current technological challenges, the research team, led by Assoc Prof Yang, developed a novel technique to implant a high-performance magnetic memory chip on a flexible plastic surface.
As other types of electronic memory chips do, each GST-based chip contains a grid of millions of identical structures, called memory cells.
The recovery of the memory chip market is welcome news for the world's third-largest memory chip maker.
With non-volatility and enhanced memory efficiency, flash memory chips will replace the current mainstay DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chips," a Samsung official told a Korean press conference.
As a result, there are times when read/write instructions are competing for the same flash memory chip which is a factor that degrades performance.
In pursuit of faster and denser memory chips that might one day enable computers to boot instantly, scientists have created a material that stores bits of data in the soccer ball-shaped carbon molecules known as buckyballs.
Texas Instruments said Thursday the jobs would be cut as part of a broad restructuring that includes the sale of its memory chip business to Micron Technology for a combination of Micron stock and debt totaling approximately $800 million.
is investing $172 million to produce a new memory chips for smart phones and expand production capacity of its existing memory chip manufacturing for servers and personal computers.