memory chip

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memory chip

[′mem·rē ‚chip]
(computer science)

memory chip

A chip that holds programs and data either temporarily or permanently. RAM chips are the computer's temporary workspace, while flash memory chips are used like disk drives (permanent until erased). ROM and PROM chips can never be changed, while EPROMs and EEPROMs can be modified. See memory, memory types, memory module, RAM, ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM and flash memory.

A Wafer Full of Memory Chips
The wafer is the structure all chips are fabricated on. Each rectangle on this wafer is a RAM chip, which is cut out and placed into an individual housing. (Image courtesy of Motorola, Inc.)

Pretty Small These Days
The 30 rectangles (bottom), which comprise a 4-gigabit Dataram memory chip, are cut out of the wafer and placed into a BGA package. About a dozen chips fit into the space of a finger ring.

Magnetic Core Memory in the Mid-1960s
The young lady is stringing magnetic cores by hand for a Univac 494 computer. There is a thousand times more RAM in the average smartphone than in all the core memory in this picture. (Image courtesy of Hagley Museum and Library.)

Twelve Magnetic Cores
This shows 12 magnetic cores from the Whirlwind computer in the early 1950s. Each core held one bit. (Image courtesy of The MITRE Corporation Archives.)
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To fully utilize the wide bandwidth of PCI Express, Fujitsu Laboratories developed a software-controlled SSD, equipped with 16 control channels and 256 flash memory chips, in which the interface enables read/write commands directly to each flash memory chip from server software (figure 2).
SEOUL: Apple has reduced its orders for memory chips for its new iPhone from its main supplier and competitor Samsung, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said yesterday.
After piling up losses of $10 billion over four years and averting bankruptcy through a creditor-led bailout, Hynix has sold assets to focus on making computer memory chips, a global market that researcher Gartner Inc.
In a related development, Hynix on Wednesday said it will stop selling memory chips on the spot market through the end of March so that it can focus on meeting growing demand from its long-term customers.
Samsung estimates the global market for flash memory chips will grow from $400m this year to $2.
Thus the magic of upgrading old 256K (from three chip SIMM boards) into one Meg SIMM modules and one Meg memory chips (from three chip SIMM boards) into four Meg SIMM modules becomes possible.
The giant chip maker said it will use the breakthrough to create more powerful memory chips for products such as cellular phones, networking equipment and even video arcade games.
PSC executives noted the specialty memory chips kept its contract manufacturing lines running at full capacity as the firm's major profit earner in throughout the second quarter, while commodity-memory chip manufacturing stayed underperforming.
s Tower Semiconductor Ltd which will serve as an original equipment manufacturer for Macronix's 8MB flash memory chip products.
says that the company expects to offer a 1-megabit spin-based memory chip commercially this year.
This new temperature-compensated, self-refresh feature maximizes the self-refresh cycle to reduce power drain in standby mode by 30 percent over conventional memory chip designs.
A flash memory chip is a nonvolatile memory device, which means it does not lose recorded data when power is turned off.