men's room

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men’s room

In a public building, a room containing toilet and lavatory facilities for the use of men.
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Since the launch of The Men's Room Elysian Beer, more than $600,000 has been donated to the U.
Considering that I was presenting as a woman, using the men's room would have been far more than uncomfortable; it would have been very dangerous.
2007: Larry Craig, an Idaho senator with an anti-LGBT record, is arrested for allegedly soliciting sex in an airport men's room.
Marta admits: "I didn't expect to get so many van drivers in the Men's Room but it's been great for business.
Lavoie admitted being in the men's room but denied taking any photographs, Officer Kuchnicki said in court papers.
The DJ said something like this: "So one day they'll use the men's room and the next day they'll use the ladies' room.
Rafael promptly returned from the men's room with a fist full of cash.
Peter Welch, Democrat of Vermont, said he and other male members offered to stake out a men's room for the women.
The 50-year-old was followed into the men's room at Yates's on Victoria Road in Hartlepool and beaten up.
They found further drugs in the form of crystals hidden in a safe in the men's room.
It was actually more of a discovery on the part of a gay couple who decided to spend the day at a beach on the Parana Island resort and went to use the men's room.