men's room

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men’s room

In a public building, a room containing toilet and lavatory facilities for the use of men.
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The comedy series will be shopped shortly to broadcasters, and for a limited time the pilot episode can be screened by all at the production's website: The Men's Room.
For far too long, advocates for this innovation argue, insensitive, close-minded, reactionary lackeys of the patriarchy have blindly accepted the tradition that men's rooms and ladies' rooms are all that are required to serve the evacuation needs of the human population.
I use a visual distraction on the way into the men's room and on the way to a "stall" to keep her occupied and eyes focused.
Tucker explained that he went and got a buddy and they returned to the men's room and grabbed the guy, hoping against hope that that would put an end to the story - apparently not realizing the anecdote could go in myriad directions at that point.
Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso reported having had fruitful talks with his Chinese counterpart Li Zhaoxing when they bumped into each other in the men's room during a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China, Japan and South Korea.
Then about five years ago--tired of being gender-policed, beaten up, and literally dragged out of airports--an epiphany hit: You're perceived as male, so use the men's room, Dylan
And let's not forget Mel Brooks, enunciating in his own special way the mantra of the eternally stagestruck: "I would work in the men's room of a Broadway theater
William Wegman performs Three Speeds, Three Temperatures in the men's room at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Summon an expert to transform one seriously outmoded men's room into a handsome, updated guy place.
In the men's room there was a pillow filled with pounds 739 in pounds 1 coins,cheques made out to Marks and Spencers, and vouchers valued at more than pounds 400.
Later that night I went to take a piss and found the same guy huddled around a urinal with a crack pipe clenched tightly between his lips and, Oh, did my eyes light up with the thought of revengel I pretended not to pay any attention as I washed my hands and walked out of the men's room which at this point reeked like burning plastic.
His old-boy law firm sees Andrew Beckett [Tom Hanks) as an unclean pariah because he's brought AIDS into their men's room, and they want him cast out.