men's room

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men’s room

In a public building, a room containing toilet and lavatory facilities for the use of men.
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Speaking as someone who has used the men's room as well as the ladies' room, I can tell you that there are a lot of things never spoken in the words used to relegate transgender people to a restroom identified by their birth certificate; words that are focused on people's fears.
1990: In a case dubbed "Pottygate," Denise Wells, 33, stands trial in Texas for using a men's room at a concert venue to avoid long lines at the women's room.
LADIES changing in the men's rooms - and the men towelling themselves down in the sauna.
The green used in the men's rooms is so vile 'I almost didn't want to pee in there', one man was overheard to say: the rumour is that the anxiety-inducing shade is meant to thwart setting up home by the homeless, a significant population here.
Cleaners had found two young recruits in the men's rooms at Tulliallan, Clackmannanshire.