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Many Hindu temples in India and also globally have prominent notices displayed at the entrance telling menstruating women that they are not welcome.
Prayar Gopalakrishnan, president of the board which manages the temple, told reporters earlier this month the board might consider allowing women into the ancient shrine if there was a way to ensure that they were not menstruating.
But, I no longer feel demeaned by my body for menstruating.
Only about 1,000 start to grow each month, and of these just one reaches maturity to produce an egg when a woman starts menstruating.
The menstruating women stayed out of actual Salaat but participated in good deeds and Dua (supplication).
The researchers also found that a girl's mother's weight was related to when her daughter started menstruating, but less so than earlier work had hinted.
6% chance that any woman of that age range living in Cardiff will be menstruating and she probably will be using disposable products.
Gaskins and her colleagues analyzed data from 259 healthy, normally menstruating women, aged an average of 27 years, and who were followed for up to two menstrual cycles in the BioCycle Study.
School-age girls from poor families often stay home for up to five days each month while menstruating, according to the study conducted by researchers at Oxford University.
Summary: Indonesian film producers said Friday they had withdrawn a horror-comedy movie about a menstruating ghost from cinemas due to threats from religious hardline.
A second woman has died in Nepal in less than five months following the practice of chhaupadi, in which menstruating women are required to live in a shed during menstruation.
Those who began menstruating when they were aged 15 or over were the least likely to need help during labour.