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(mĕn`tər, –tôr'), in Greek mythology, friend of Odysseus and tutor of Telemachus. On several occasions in the Odyssey, Athena assumes Mentor's form to give advice to Telemachus or Odysseus. His name is proverbial for a faithful and wise adviser.


residential village (1990 pop. 47,358), Lake co., NE Ohio, on Lake Erie; founded 1799, inc. 1855. James Garfield was living there when he was elected President, and his home, "Lawnfield," is preserved.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Amentor is classed as “etheric world intelligence,” a soul-mind living in the next world/another dimension, higher on the evolutionary scale than the human. In Greek legend, Mentor was the son of Alcimus and a friend to Odysseus, who made him guardian of his household. In the play Télémaque, by French writer and mystical theologian François Fénelon (1651–1715), Mentor plays a prominent part, giving the hero good advice. The modern use of the word mentor means adviser or wise counselor.

Mentor was also the name of a spirit guide of Rev. William Stainton Moses. Mentor was said to be Algazzali, or Ghazali, eleventh century Professor of Theology in Baghdad and representative of the Arabian Philosophical School. Mentor’s main duty was to manage the phenomena at the séances of Stainton Moses.


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in the Homeric poems, the friend of young Odysseus, to whom Odysseus entrusted his home when he departed for Troy. In The Odyssey, Athena appears in the shape of Mentor, giving advice to young Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, and helping Odysseus himself to punish the suitors of his wife, Penelope. In the figurative sense,“mentor”means a counselor or tutor, sometimes with a touch of irony.


Odysseus’s adviser; entrusted with care and education of Telemachus. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
See: Counsel


Odysseus’s friend and advisor. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]


CAI language. "Computer Systems for Teaching Complex Concepts", Report 1742, BBN, Mar 1969.


Coach, counselor. See virtual mentoring.
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Mentors are the kindly, in-the-know folks who guide your career and help you avoid the pitfalls.
An organization may use a number of formal and informal evaluation procedures to assess program impact on proteges, mentors, and the organization.
Highly efficacious student teachers in this sample tended to have less teaching experience, but a more positive relationship with their mentors and more teaching support.
Women, and women of color in particular, are finding that having mentors and sponsors means the difference between getting ahead and hitting a cement ceiling.
Deloitte also has developed an internal mentoring database, where an employee can look for willing mentors in the firm.
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In education, mentors are usually veteran teachers who support colleagues and help those who are new to the profession to become acclimated to the everyday activities that take place in the schools.