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Then we bought the merchandise of the country, and were just going to sail once more, when I was stopped on the shore by a beautiful though poorly dressed woman.
Thereupon a eulogy of the marvellous fish, with a thousand delicate allusions to the young betrothed of Marguerite of Flanders, then sadly cloistered in at Amboise, and without a suspicion that Labor and Clergy, Nobility and Merchandise had just made the circuit of the world in his behalf.
All at once, in the very middle of a quarrel between Mademoiselle Merchandise and Madame Nobility, at the moment when Monsieur Labor was giving utterance to this wonderful line,--
In this prodigious ridge, which extends three hundred leagues, sometimes approaching near the sea, and sometimes running far up into the land, there is only one opening, through which all that merchandise is conveyed, which is embarked at Rifa, and from thence distributed through all the east.
Astor was induced to invest the proceeds of his merchandise in furs.
The IRS argued that the taxpayer was a seller of merchandise and had to account for inventories, thus requiring use of the accrual method.
To do so, he must increase sales by finding the right mix of merchandise to redefine and create a demand for the Oaktree Look of the |90s, a signature style that now fluctuates somewhere between pseudo-Armani dresswear and casual rapper-chic.
SAS will help us plan our merchandise assortments more effectively.
The Tax Court, in a divided decision, held that the contractor was not required to use inventories, as its materials were not merchandise under Regs.
The merchandise won't necessarily be, say, replicas of statues in the Vatican's collection, said Mark November, a partner with the firm.
The HD compatible MOD Store Server Appliance and MOD POD are part of MOD Systems' integrated platform for retailers to cost-effectively manage, merchandise and fulfill digital media.
New Line Cinema, well-regarded for its ability to market offbeat films, is already selling merchandise for its ``Phantom Menace'' challenger, ``Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me.