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After checking in at The Rodd Hotel in Charlottetown we head out for dinner at the Merchantman pub, a beautiful building down by the waterfront selling burgers, salads and pasta and what will become the ubiquitous lobster dish.
Those pirates pitched their weapons overboard and did not attack the merchantman so there was nothing the Kidd could do.
In the Jamaican waters, partnering another British cruiser, his ship boldly captured a German merchantman without incident.
Fortunately, the merchantman had, through a judicious mix of speed increases and evasive manoeuvring, managed to avoid being boarded," a defence ministry statement said.
A third conspirator, Daniel Thulander, came from Sweden and had served in the war against Russia between 1788 and 1790, after which he had signed on with a merchantman that left him in Amsterdam.
He vividly describes corsair tactics, how at dawn they would lie dead still in the water waiting for their pray; when they spotted a ship on the horizon, they would set sail, ostensibly just a fellow merchantman on the same course.
On November 12, the Panamian registry merchantman SS Buchanan was torpedoed by U-224.
The American full-rigged merchantman is shown progressively shortening sail in three positions off the "North End" of Liverpool's waterfront.
After helping a damaged merchantman reach Rio de Janeiro for repairs, Briton was sent on the dangerous trip around Cape Horn to search for enemy American ships in the Pacific Ocean.
Racing Demon, had skirted the previous two fences, but he jumped this one, only to jink violently to his right and smash full tilt into Chilling Place amidships, like a hard-grafting merchantman being taken out by a torpedo on the North Atlantic convoys.
My father went there by accident, aboard a ship when he was a merchantman.
The Ma'agan Michael Ship: The Recovery of a 2400-Year-Old Merchantman.