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1974; DeMason, 1994) because it is the product of divisional activity of a secondary meristem (Tomlinson & Zimmermann, 1969 and earlier workers).
The 10 largest flowering plants closest to the center of the quadrat were measured from the ground to the apical meristem.
Smith, a graduate student in Long's laboratory, discovered that these fate-transforming genes are actually two familiar characters: the genes PLETHORA 1 and 2 had been known to act as master regulators that determine the identity of the root meristem.
After anthesis, the ovary presents uniseriate outer epidermis and mesophyll with three tissue regions: 1) An outer parenchymatous region, with thin-walled cells that vary in size and shape, and may present druses; 2) A middle region that originates from the middle meristem and consists of elongated cells that are oriented obliquely or transversely to the longitudinal axis of the ovary; and 3) An inner region that is uniseriate and has short palisade-like cells.
Tip: You will most likely find these galls within a cluster or bunch formation with multiple galls at each meristem.
0 mm stem diameter proximal to the apical meristem, which is the average bite diameter of shoots browsed by moose in the study area (Carson et al.
Bell then takes up the issue of constructional organization, explaining meristem position and potential, time of meristem activity, meristem disruption, and plant branch construction.
It is applied to the two main botanical processes underlying plant development, branching and differentiation sequence of the meristem, which are first studied separately and then composed to form the complete stochastic model.
In 2000, Meristem and Tees Valley-based engineering firm Torday & Carlisle merged, marking a move to the junior stock exchange, the Alternative Investment Market, and a new corporate identity.
Despite this, they could be expected to have the ability to recover from the meristem and continue growth.