message thread

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message thread

A running commentary of text messages pertaining to one topic or question. Message threads are used in all forms of user discussions on the Internet, including Usenet newsgroups, Web-based forums, blogs, chat rooms, groupware and email.

The "thread" refers to the collection of messages organized by the software. The messages are displayed in "flat" chronological order by date of posting or in "question-answer" order. The latter is a thread of one question followed by all answers in a hierarchy. Subthreads may also be supported, which enables comments in one of the replies to start another thread that remains linked to the original. See Internet forum and newsgroup.

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And we explained how the devious thing about this scam, calledsmishing, was that the fraudsters were using specialist software to make the message appear as if it had come from the person's bank by adding it to existing message threads on their phone.
Tap the little blue info icon at the top of a message thread, then tap notifications to get the option to mute a conversation for a set period of time - or indefinitely.
The change allows anyone who had been added to a message thread to reply to it, which the groups said removes users' ability to prevent strangers from sending unwanted messages to their real email addresses from Facebook's messaging system.
The Buzz posts are a lot like Twitter in that they are primarily public, but more organized than Twitter since they are presented as a message thread.
Almost any message thread of more than a couple of messages results in a message topic change, although the subject line remains the same and previous messages are included.
With each subsequent follow-up question and additional person drawn into the message thread, the chances of getting the problem resolved before the next afternoon in Germany diminishes.
If you do need to review a full message thread, IM+ makes it easy, as it can easily be set to capture your message history.
Generally include the message thread or related messages in a response.
It offers duplicate checking and message thread tracking, and e-mail can be stored in a 'read-only' state to comply with corporate records policies.
A message thread begins with the posting of one message.
To subscribe to a special message thread on the proposed code, E-mail: majordomo@dworkin.
Additional privacy features include private direct self-destructing messages, responded to message thread with self-destructing photos and a dislike button.

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