message transfer agent

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Message Transfer Agent

(MTA, Mail Transfer Agent) Any program responsible for delivering e-mail messages. Upon receiving a message from a Mail User Agent or another MTA, often by SMTP over the Internet, it stores it temporarily locally and analyses the recipients and delivers it to any local addressees and/or forwards it to other remote MTAs (routing) for delivery to remote recipients. In either case it may edit and/or add to the message headers.

The most widely used MTA for Unix is sendmail, which communicates using SMTP.

RFC 2821 (SMTP) expands MTA as "Mail Transfer Agent" though this is less common. Alternatives with "Transport" are also seen but less correct.

message transfer agent

The store and forward capability in a messaging system. See messaging system.
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With the most powerful Message Transfer Agent (MTA) on the market supporting more than 100,000 concurrent connections per server, Message Systems gets millions of unique messages to the right place at the right time.
The Sendmail vulnerability may permit an attacker to completely take over Sendmail message transfer agent (MTA) servers, left unprotected or protected by weaker firewalls, on the Internet or on corporate and government networks; subsequently, e-mail privacy and availability are compromised.
StrongMail software includes a message transfer agent (MTA) optimized for email delivery, a message assembly engine for dynamic content, advanced message tracking, and the industry's only Live Updates and self-diagnostic tools for delivery assurance.
The industry standard Message Transfer Agent (MTA) makes the product more reliable than other appliances and the Dynamic Update Service feature ensures that virus definitions, spam engine updates, software, firmware and operating systems are automatically kept up-to-date.
As an email provider, I want a solid Message Transfer Agent like SurgeMail, but blogs are being demanded by people because it gives them new freedom for expression.
OmniTI's Ecelerity is an email application server solution powered by a high performance message transfer agent and a component-based architecture designed to incorporate complex policies and scale to the demand of today's mission critical email systems.

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