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META tag

meta tag

An HTML tag that identifies the contents of a Web page for the search engines. Meta tags are hidden on the page, but they, as well as all the HTML code on a page, can be viewed by selecting View/Source or View/Page Source from the browser menu. Meta tags contain a general description of the page, keywords and copyright information.

Search engines often display the Title tag and Distribution meta tag as the short summary you see on the results page. The Keywords meta tag also helps to place a page in the right results. Following are meta tag examples for this encyclopedia. See Dublin Core and metadata.

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There are meta keywords, meta descriptions, meta titles, and meta robots, all of which tend to fill a different role in search-engine visibility and have very different standards for usefulness.
Title Tags can only be purchased as an appendage to a Meta Description.
The meta description tag should be placed "after the title tag, and it looks like this:
Multi-Attribute Page-Level Synchronization - FindMAX provides holistic reporting against relevant searchability attributes, including title, domain name, file name, H1 and H2 tags, initial paragraph content, last paragraph content, meta keywords, and meta description.
Search engine friendly IDX software gives website owners control over modifying page attributes including titles, focus keywords, header, meta description and content for listings pages that are displayed on the page to visitors.
Meta description and meta keyword elements have been so misused in the past that Search Engines may now regard them as less important, but it's still vital to use them and use them properly.
The advisor is here to point out issues with your Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, URL Keys as well as encouraging the store owner to improve their Page Descriptions (content based SEO).
The page title and HTML meta description have been customized for consistency with this text content on this page.
QA Graphics' websites are built using a number of search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help improve page rank, including a sitemap, search engine friendly URLs, global site meta description and key words.
Merchants or business owners will now be able to improve their search engine visibility by adding Meta descriptions of the products and categories pages.
Over the years, the recipe for ranking success has included things like title tags, meta descriptions, keyword tags, keyword density, H1 tags, image elements, links from specific domains, quality of links and more.
These words should also appear in the meta descriptions, which are the brief descriptions of a page that appear in search results; meta descriptions arc programmed into your webpages when they are built.