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A condition of decreased alkali reserve of the blood and other body fluids.



a change in the acid-alkaline balance of the organism as a result of insufficient removal and oxidation of organic acids (for example, beta-hydroxybutyric acid). Usually these products are rapidly removed from the body. In febrile diseases, intestinal disorders, pregnancy, starvation, and such, they are retained in the body; this is manifested in mild cases by the appearance of acetoacetic acid and acetone in the urine (so-called ketonuria). In severe cases (for example, diabetes mellitus) it may lead to coma. Treatment consists of removal of the cause of acidosis (for example, by administering insulin in case of diabetes); there is also symptomatic treatment—soda and an abundance of fluids taken internally.

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Diet-induced chronic metabolic acidosis caused by the consumption of processed foods, red meat, sugars, white flour and rice, and others.
Metabolic acidosis occurs in renal failure owing to a decreased ability to excrete [H.
On the contrary, metabolic acidosis is known to suppress lactate efflux from the intracellular to the extracellular compartment (Hollidge- Horvat et al.
2], that causes a decrease in plasma pH is a metabolic acidosis.
The laboratory findings in four patients with CCB intoxication were normal, but one patient had hypocalcemia, one patient had hypoglycemia and metabolic acidosis and one patient had increased ALT-AST level and metabolic acidosis.
Our twins died on the first day due to heart failure and progressive metabolic acidosis.
43 mmol/l), normal anion gap metabolic acidosis with respiratory compensation in the presence of alkaline urine, high urinary potassium levels ([K.
Results of the current study showed an incidence of a mild metabolic acidosis as reported by Vagnoni and Oetzel (1998).
2) Many hospitals are unable to perform EG and MTH measurements in a timely fashion; which in this case, a combination of a metabolic acidosis associated with a high anion gap and osmolar gap is considered the hallmark of toxic alcohol intoxication.
As people age, however, a mild but slowly increasing metabolic acidosis may develop.
An exclusive, unmodified goat's milk diet can cause significant morbidity and even mortality in infants, including electrolyte imbalances, metabolic acidosis and folate deficiency, US paediatricians have warned.